What Is Amazon Marketplace Web Services API or MWS API?

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Posted On: 17 May, 2020
Last Updated On: 16 Aug, 2021

Amazon MWS is the acronym for Amazon Marketplace Web Services. Amazon Marketplace Web Services API is a collection of APIs that offer sellers the possibility to extract data programmatically and perform most of the operations that users do from the Amazon Seller Central web interface. These APIs can handle things like: 

  • Automatically replicate data from various MWS reports.
  • Automatically replicate data from multiple MWS endpoints to retrieve data related to orders, shipments, payments, fulfilment and many others.
  • Report inventory and push inventory quantities back to Amazon. 
  • Retrieving order data and uploading order to Amazon.
  • Updating products, prices, availability, handling times or stock quantities. Report campaign performance and manage advertising campaigns

How Can Amazon Marketplace Web Services API Help Me?

Amazon MWS API allows users to extract and upload data to Amazon Seller Central. By leveraging Amazon Marketplace Web Services, developers can automate a plethora of repetitive tasks and bring efficiency to the operation. Typical use cases for using MWS APIs are to

  • streamline and automate reporting,
  • populating an enterprise data warehouse that already has data from other sales channels, marketing, customer data, loyalty data, with data from Amazon
  • in-depth analysis of historical data for planning and forecasting
  • automate product related attribute maintenance and many others

How to Get Started Using Amazon Marketplace Web Services API?

The following is required to use the Amazon Marketplace Web Services API or Amazon MWS API

  • Register as a developer here
  • A strong development team capable of building data extraction scripts to extract Amazon Seller Central MWS APIs
  • Access to MWS API Keys. Click here to a step by step guidance on retrieving the keys.

How Can Daton help?

If you are planning to use MWS API to extract data from Amazon Seller Central, then please know that it is a solved problem. Our cloud data pipeline, Daton, seamlessly replicates data from Amazon Marketplace to a cloud data warehouse with you needing to write any code.

Our MWS connector is part of a collection of 100+ connectors used by eCommerce vendors. All connectors, including Amazon MWS, are fully supported by a highly competent data engineering team at Saras Analytics. In addition to Amazon MWS, we also have connectors for Amazon Ads and file services like Google Sheets.

These integrations give you the capability to fully automate all the reporting you will ever need around Amazon channel performance. Our development team has spent over a year to make the MWS connector robust so that you don’t have to go through the same. Leverage Daton today and free you up your analyst time from manual reporting and your developer’s time from trying to solve a problem that is already solved and allow them to focus on other essential tasks.

Read our article on the challenges involved in building support for Amazon MWS APIs to replicate data to a cloud data warehouse and how Daton simplifies this process for sellers. Sign up for a free trial of Daton and start automating your Amazon channel reports today!

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