Shopify Stores: An Excellent Start for The Sellers!

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Posted On: 24 Jun, 2021

What is Shopify?  

You can start your ecommerce website with the help of Shopify. It provides a platform to interact with the customers. It offers many social media tools so you can find potential customers, drive sales, and manage the day to day business activities. One can seamlessly integrate Shopify stores with marketplaces like Amazon. For those running brick and mortar businesses, Shopify is the best bet for you to expand your reach amongst potential customers. An online ecommerce website will help you get customers from anywhere in your country and not just the locals staying near your brick and mortar store. It is a significant advantage where you tie-up with platforms like Shopify. Shopify stores also provides many payment gateways to receive payments through credit cards. 

What data do you get from Shopify Stores?

Shopify stores provide relevant data like: 

  • Customer behaviour reports, 
  • Marketing reports, 
  • Inventory management systems, 
  • Payment gateways, 
  • Potential customers from different countries, 
  • Social media ads, 
  • Digital ads and remarketing platforms like Criteo, Taboola, Outbrain, 
  • From PPC (like Google ads, Bing ads), 
  • From emails like Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Hubspot), 
  • Podcasts, from affiliates like Refersion and C.J.Affiliates, 
  • Influencer marketing. 

Sellers further uses analytics to gain insight into these data. 

How Sellers use the data from Shopify Stores?

Sellers utilize these data to plan their marketing strategies, increase or reduce a lot of a specific product according to its popularity, enhance their in-house staff’s performance, or reach out to the customers of a particular geographical area. Sellers can review the order reports, sales reports, retail sales reports, profit reports, custom reports. With the help of Shopify analytics and reports, the sellers can review the overall performance of their e-commerce platform.  

Summary: Automate insights from Shopify Stores

Platforms like Shopify reduces the dependency on developers to create an online store. Such platforms don’t require any coding to build a site. Shopify stores offer many pre-built and custom-made reports to analyze the data collected from sources like acquisition, behaviour, and marketing. It provides real-time reports to analyze the data and take quick decisions. Integrating Shopify stores with data warehouses like Amazon Redshift, Google Big Query, Snowflake, Micro Focus Vertica will further help you dive deeper into the data layers and gain insight. Daton is an ETL tool that extracts the data from various sources and loads the data in the data warehouse for deeper analysis.   Use the Daton-Shopify connector to gain better insights on Shopify store data.

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