Top 5 Free ETL Tools for MySQL

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Posted On: 24 Feb, 2021

MySQL is an open-source relational database management system is based on SQL. It helps to add, remove and modify existing data in the database. ETL tools extract data from different source systems, transform it as per requirement and load the modified data into a destination system. MySQL ETL tools copy data into the data warehouse combining it with various data sources. Here, we will discuss the free ETL tools which are available in the market for MySQL.

How to Choose an ETL Tool for a Particular Database?

Choosing an ETL tool should be done based on critical factors specific to a dataset and requirements. A few of the important factors are listed as follows:


While selecting an ETL tool, you should look out for comprehensive connector support. This should cover the databases, marketing entities and management softwares. This scalability is necessary if you plan to expand your business in future. ETL tool should be able to provide seamless service regardless of the number of databases.


Complete Management 

There should be a quality control feature acting as a checkpoint in monitoring data quality during migration. The tool should also manage the process, especially while detecting an error or unsuccessful compliance with various conditions.   

Real-time Data Streaming 

Real-time transformation and loading should be performed by an ETL tool while migrating data from internal to external sources. It should also enhance its ability to provide data within an integration batch and determine system variances. 


ETL tools link popular data sources and data warehouses. Any imbalance will lead to an unreliable data pipeline which will cause service level agreement violations and incomplete data migration. 

Top 5 Free ETL Tools for MySQL

Talend Big Data Open Studio

Talend is a key player in developing open-source big data and ETL tools. Its intuitive set of tools simplifies data handling with 900 different databases, files and applications. Talend Big Data Open Studio allows extensive data integration transformations and complex process workflows. It is a free and popular platform to work on using different extensions. It has a convenient user-interface with prebuilt components and databases like MySQL. Talend contains packages like Talend Pipeline Designer, Talend Cloud Data Integration, and Talend Data Fabric offered at different prices as per user requirements. Stitch Data is a paid ETL tool starting at $100 per month


Apatar is an ETL tool best suited for CRM systems. It can be used for exporting any customer information into the existing as well as third-party system. This ETL tool loads MySQL data, perform transformation and merge complex customer datasets. Apatar is an open-source ETL tool with a user-friendly interface and convenient even for users with no coding experience. You get direct access to built-in app integration, data quality tools, replication and mapping schemas. When combined with data sources, it helps to generate XML metadata files containing all the gathered information. 



OpenMRS is an ETL tool with a predictive modelling feature. It tracks different historical sources to collect relevant data from history. First, data is selected from the MySQL database by running queries; then, it is loaded into a data warehouse where data analysis is performed. OpenMRS follows an ETL module that would interact with several DW compliances facilitating predictive modelling. It is popular among healthcare companies as they require quick internal analysis of sensitive information. 

Hevo data

Hevo Data offers a robust and comprehensive data integration solution. It offers preload transformation through pre-written Python code and supports over 40 integrations of SaaS platforms, databases, files, and BI analytical tools. It allows both ETL and ELT functionalities and handles data with zero data loss. It comes with a 14-day free trial. The basic plan starts at $149 per month.


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Daton is an effective data integration tool that would seamlessly extract all the relevant Data from popular data sources then consolidate and store it in the data warehouse of your choice for more effective analysis. It supports over 100 popular data sources. Comprehensive documentation and an easy UI allow quick data migration from different sources to data warehouses. Daton is hassle-free, with no requirement for coding and pipeline maintenance. 

There is a wide range of Pricing Plans. STARTER at $150, GROWTH at $500, BUSINESS at $1000. The ENTERPRISE plan is for all the custom requirements and LITE plan is Pay per Use.


There are several Snowflake ETL tools available in the market. Modern businesses are more comfortable in outsourcing their data needs to these ETL service providers. So that they can dedicate more time and resources in effective analytics and business intelligence. Daton is a no-code Data Pipeline which takes care of all the business data for organizations using the MySQL Database.

We have listed the top 5 free ETL tools for MySQL data migration. Most of them have an open-source edition, but the paid version always has its added benefits. Compare all the tools to make the right choice for your business. 

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