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Amazon has outperformed other e-commerce marketplaces in terms of convenience and reach. The brand lists more than 353 million products and even surpasses Google to become the first choice for product-related searches. Consequently, it emerged as a major sales channel for online retailers.

Amazon keeps a catalog with a list of products and each product has an ASIN. Understanding ASIN is very important as it is the only way to keep selling the products on the Amazon platform. There will be thousands of new ASINs which are created each day on Amazon. The catalog number of Amazon is crucial for the smooth managing of the product catalog for sellers, customers, and Amazon itself as it helps in easily finding the product and will avoid certain counterfeit-related incidences.

Below, we have provided an Amazon ASIN Guide 2022  to help you know all about ASIN and will guide you on how to create one for your product.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Amazon ASIN?
  2. How is Amazon ASIN significant?
  3. How can we locate the Amazon ASIN Number?
  4. What is reverse ASIN lookup?
  5. How can we create a new ASIN?
  6. What are the requirements for Amazon’s ASIN?
  7. What is the creation policy of the ASIN?
  8. What is the Duplication of Amazon ASINs?
  9. How to use an existing Amazon ASIN?
  10. What is the process of adding unique Amazon ASINs with ISBNs, EANs, GTINs?

What is Amazon ASIN?

Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) is a combination of 10 unique characters, i.e., numbers, alphabets, or both. Additionally, Amazon ASIN acts as an identifier that gets assigned by and its partner to a product. The reason for assigning ASINs to different products helps customers and sellers find out the product they are looking for from a catalog of a massive list of products. Henceforth, it is not possible that the two different products have the same ASIN.

There are certain exceptions related to the uniqueness of numbers. A specific ASIN could be unique only within a marketplace. In other words, Amazon sites in the US and India can use different ASINs for the same product.

You need to add all your product ASINs to all your listings as per Amazon Policy and if you violate the Amazon ASIN creation policy will result in the suspension of your selling privileges.So, it’s important to know how to use the right numbers in listings which is essential for every marketplace seller. It’s of utmost importance that those sellers identify and use the correct ASIN for their products. Otherwise, Amazon won’t be able to organize and search your products for an optimized shopping experience.

How is Amazon ASIN significant?

One of the essential functions of Amazon ASINs is that it delivers accurate product search experience to the customers. ASINs play a significant role for both buyers and sellers.

Firstly, the whole structure of Amazon’s product catalog is based on the ASIN numbers. Since a unique code is given to all the products in the catalog, the sellers would be able to track their inventory accurately. Moreover, the major focus is on the potential customer’s experience in finding the item that they desire.

Secondly, Amazon can accurately organize its index catalog pages with the help of unique identification numbers. Consequently, the shoppers can browse the products they desire to buy by going through different categories. Moreover, the customers can also type ASIN into the search box and locate the product that they are looking for.

ASINs play a significant role and will be used to track inventory for products, do reference catalog data, and index catalog pages for search and browsing on

If you want to list your product on Amazon, you must match your product with an already existing ASIN or you will have to create a new ASIN number for the product.

How can we locate the Amazon ASIN Number?

There are different ways of finding an Amazon ASIN of your item.

  • The first step is to search for the product of your choice on Amazon and check with the browser’s address bar. In URL, you will find the Amazon ASIN after typing the product’s name and “Display Picture”.
  • Alternatively, you should search the item on Amazon and later navigate for the product details on the page.
  • Lastly, you must use a third-party software tool that is built for the ASINs lookup. Out of bulk upload, tools help us find the product we want and match them with the ASIN. Using tools can help us save time as it could be hectic in finding the product from the bulk available.

What is Reverse ASIN lookup?

Amazon reverse ASIN lookup is a reverse ASIN search that allows you to look up the top-ranking keywords that any Amazon listing of your ASINs or your competitors’ ranks for. This will result in comparison to looking up search terms and viewing which ASINs rank on a term-by-term basis.

Often, you will need to use specific applications to perform a reverse ASIN lookup.

How can we create a new ASIN?

If you are a seller of a new product who is yet to create an ASIN and have no ASIN to boost, you must create a new ASIN to get listed in the Amazon catalogs. All the manufacturers and brand owners create new ASINs; however, the possibility is that one must always find a new product with very little competition. The advantage is that it can trigger up your chances of winning the Buy box and improve your chances of maximizing profits.

A new Amazon ASIN should be created in the following manner for your product:

  • First, go to the option of “add product” on your seller central account. Depending on the type of product category, the steps for creating new ASINs may vary.
  • Next is that you must choose the option that you are planning to add a product that is not being sold on Amazon.
  • Then you must search and select the category.
  • Usually, there are three main categories. After clicking on any one of the categories, the other will keep opening. This procedure keeps occurring until the one that you wish to create will appear. For example, if you open the category of personal care, it will further open skincare, cleansers, or so on.
  • Once you choose the desired category, a page appears, and the seller must fill in some required fields.
  • The seller must fill all the blanks and later click on the “save and finish” option.
  • Once the seller submits the form, Amazon will assign the product a certain ASIN code and will publish the same on the products details page.

Since you are now using the existing ASINs, other sellers are also in the position to see the ASIN that you have created for your product.

What are the requirements for Amazon’s ASIN?

There are certain restrictions on adding a new ASIN on Amazon, especially if you are a new seller. New sellers will be able to create only a limited number of listings until he has established a proven record of the sale of his product on Amazon. In simple terms, if your sales on Amazon increase, so is your capacity to make new ASINs for your products. Henceforth, if you want to increase your sales volume, you should prioritize the product you are listing. The more sales you have, the more ASINs you’ll be able to create.

What is the creation policy of Amazon ASIN?

ASIN assists amazon in indexing the catalog and displaying the item as search results. Henceforth, as a seller, you must identify and use accurate ASIN for your products. Amazon has also had an ASIN creation policy that not only keeps the catalog organized but also prevents fraudulent listing that further ensures enhancement of the shopping experience of the customers.

What is the Duplication of Amazon ASINs

Amazon made certain norms regarding product ASINs of which, if a seller intends to sell a product in the catalog, then he must match the corresponding product ASIN with the existing ASIN by making an offer. If a product already exists, then creating a new ASIN for the same is prohibited. Consequently, the seller will be curbed of certain privileges he enjoys. On the other hand, if the product is not listed in the Amazon catalog, then he must create a new ASIN.

The seller must always use an appropriate code, such as UPC (Universal Product Code), ISBN (International Standard Book Number), JAN (Japanese Article Number) while listing a product to avoid duplication of ASINs. While Universal Product Code/UPC will be assigned to clearly distinguish the said item from the millions of others already existing in the online market. UPCs make it easy to identify individual products sold on Amazon across the world. International Standard Book Number/ISBN identifies a book’s edition, publisher, and physical properties like binding type, page count, and trim size. It allows distributors, retailers, and libraries to efficiently search for books. On kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), an ISBN to publish eBook is not required, but to publish a paperback or hardcover, you need an ISBN. Japanese Article Number (JAN) is a barcode standard compatible with the EAN.

How to use an existing Amazon ASIN?

For retailers and resellers, the best thing is that they can use the ASINs which are already in existence for their product listings. However, as discussed earlier, there is an ASIN duplication policy, but the use of existing identifiers has its advantages. Instead of making a duplicate list, if one matches an existing product, then it will get the buyer’s interest and traffic.

When a list is created through your Seller Central account, then by typing a product’s name, model, ASIN, etc., one can search for existing ASINs.

After getting the result, the next step is to choose a listing under which a seller wants to sell the product and later add the necessary information which will be crucial. If there appears to be the existence of multiple ASINs, the seller must choose the one with the relevant product details. But it must be made sure that he chooses the exact match while selecting ASIN for his product. On the other hand, if the customer’s order does not match the one, they receive, it may lead to a negative impact.

What is the process of adding unique Amazon ASINs with ISBNs, EANs, GTINs?

When creating a new ASIN for your product, you should be aware of the GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) of your product. To create and match the ASINs, Amazon makes use of 14-digit unique product identifiers. These identifiers are located near the barcode of the product. In case you are not aware of this code, then you must contact your manufacturer. If you are the manufacturer, you must complete your product registration with the GTIN code.

The following are the common GTINs

  • UPCs
  • ISBNs
  • EANs


Universal Product Code is a 12-digit code that is widely used for retail packaging in the United States.


International Standard Book Number is a 10- or 13-digits code that is particularly used for books.


European Article number is an identification code consisting of 12 or 13 digits.


Amazon ASIN is instrumental for creating and maintaining ASINs and proved to be the reason behind successful sales. When a proper identifier is established successfully with Amazon, it makes it possible for the customers to reach out to your products. This will in turn help you to sell more efficiently on Amazon.

Since the product catalog is continuously growing, Amazon is rapidly creating a marketplace with fierce competition among a conglomerate of products. The direct competition can be avoided and there will be an increased chance of getting a place in the Buy Box, which will be a source to all the new products and at the same time create new ASINs for the same. However, it will not occur that often. The best strategy that one can adopt to win a spot on Buy Box is to utilize the AI-powered pricing method. If you want to know more about the Amazon ASIN Guide 2022, kindly contact us.

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