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Complete Bibliography of Amazon Abbreviations

As a new seller, it is imperative that you are aware of various terminologies associated with Amazon that every seasoned Amazon seller uses. Keeping that in mind, we developed this detailed Amazon Glossary article, that is a non-exhaustive list of 250+ useful abbreviations to help you dive into the world of selling on Amazon.

What is Amazon’s 7-Day Deal?

Amazon pre-approves a special offer on a specific ASIN by reducing the price and the deal is run for approximately a week.

What is A/B Testing?

It is a process of comparing sales metrics of two different websites/listings of products about conversion rates. A/B Testing is referred to as “Split Testing” as it is probable that your products may reflect an increase in profits by 25%.

What is Amazon A+ Content?

It is specifically formulated keeping in view the various brands to devise content with the sole objective of driving conversion rate and it is popularly referred to as “Below-the-fold marketing content”. This will enhance the framework of the page of the product with some added features on Amazon like formatting in the tabular form concerning features and enhancement of images to perceive better.

What is Amazon A9?

Amazon A9 refers to the development of search engine and search engine advertising technology as it works specifically to empower the various product pages of Amazon and other retailers of e-commerce and it will help in the optimization of organic ranking. Amazon A9 is a subsidiary of Amazon.

What is Amazon Advertising/AA?

Amazon Advertising is devised keeping in view businesses of varied sizes to parallelly develop on and off amazon so that they will be accessible to marketers who are at various levels of growth with relevant expertise and to provide ad solutions to get connected with their customers at each mode of the journey in business with Amazon.

What is Amazon Account Health?

Amazon Account Health refers to a set of Account Health Metrics with standard practices devised keeping in view all the sellers who must adhere to them as they must stick to a set of policies and deliver performance targets in their journey as an Amazon seller. These Account Health Metrics can be listed as compliance with regards to providing customer service, product policy, and shipping services. These Metrics are framed to get good reviews and keep Account Health intact.

What is Amazon Advertising Cost of Sales/ACoS?

Advertising Cost of Sales is framed to measure the efficacy of your PPC Ad (Pay-Per-Click) and is measured as advertising spend divided by advertising-attributed sales. Advertising Cost of Sales/ACoS = total ad spends ÷ total ad revenue.

What is Ad Daily Budget?

It refers to the average amount that you are planning and capable to spend for the pre-determined keywords for a particular ad group per day.

What is Amazon Ad Impression?

Amazon Ad Impressions refer to the number of times an ad is shown to users.

What is Ad Order?

It refers to the number of orders made by users concerning the number of clicks on a particular ad for a product.

What is Ad Sales?

It refers to the optimum volume of sales churned out by users in a week that is made by clicking on the ad for your product.

What is Ad Spend?

Ad Spend is the entire amount spent as click charges in relevance to an Amazon ad campaign.

What is Ad status?

The exact condition and status of your ad group are reflected as the Ad status.

What is Ad Targeting?

Amazon Ad Targeting is a pre-set condition wherein Amazon tends to choose specific keywords automatically for an ad campaign or will allow you to choose and set keywords for the campaign.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

If an online retailer works in close tandem with an external website for the generation of traffic by paying commission or produces sales volume from referrals generated by it by entering an amicable marketing arrangement, then it is referred to as an Affiliate Marketing.

What is Aggregator?

Amazon Aggregators, popularly called Acquirers or Consolidators refer to a business that acquires multiple Amazon brands with the sole objective of consolidating them under one roof and later establishes with all amicable platforms and favorable conditions to enable them to grow significantly over a period.

What is AGS?

It is referred to as an Amazon Global Store.

What is Alibaba?

It is an e-commerce website based in China which is a technology conglomerate with a retail objective. It acts as a third-party platform between wholesalers, manufacturers and global suppliers, and private label businesses for FBA sales purposes and is known to be the largest internet service provider in the whole world with regards to total sales.

What is Alibaba Assessed Supplier?

Alibaba is a renowned e-commerce website having its infrastructure in China, which will help all the sellers who are in liaison with it as approved and authenticated to reach out to prominent suppliers. These sellers have previously been approved and accredited by third-party inspection companies and have officially been a manufacturer, wholesaler, or supplier on Alibaba.

What is Alibaba Gold Supplier?

Alibaba Gold Supplier is an official supplier who has been pre-qualified by Alibaba and a wholesaler or supplier or manufacturer. This is a pre-approved and authenticated program to evaluate suppliers on Alibaba.

What is Alibaba Trade Insurance?

Alibaba made a provision of Trade Insurance to its sellers and buyers, which is free and which provides protection on their orders against any eventualities at the time of placing an order and which will be effective from the moment payment is done.

What is Amazon 1P?

Amazon 1P represents a first-party relationship with Amazon to sell in 1P capacity. The process involves Amazon sending a direct invite to you with a purchase order which must be duly fulfilled and shipped to Amazon. In this case, your company will be a supplier and Amazon will be in the capacity of a retailer.

What is Amazon 2P?

Amazon 2P is an authentic process by Amazon to enable you as a second-party seller, and you will be in complete charge of selling your products, and Amazon takes the responsibility of storing your products in its warehouses and later fulfills the orders. The products will be seen on the marketplace with the famous tagline, “Sold by (brand), shipped from Amazon”.

What is Amazon 3P?

The Amazon 3P or third-party model will enable you as a retailer, to sell your products directly to consumers from the Amazon marketplace itself. This way you can control the pricing policies of your products, optimize the inventory levels and later fulfill the shipping operations through Amazon’s network.

What is Amazon 3PL?

Amazon 3PL is a third-party logistics service that allows businesses to fully take advantage and utilize the well-established Amazon’s infrastructural facilities for fulfilling the orders and also to undertake to outsource varied elements of e-commerce selling.

What is Amazon 3PS?

Amazon 3PS refers to all the third-party sellers who will be selling their products on Amazon’s marketplace and other than on Amazon itself who will be selling directly to their customers. These third-party sellers can be manufacturers selling at a wholesale price, while some might have obtained their inventory through direct purchases from other retailers or there might be chances of selling products that are counterfeit or might have been stolen with the sole purpose of making a profit.

What is 4PL? is the best example of a 4PL model. The reason behind this is Amazon acts in the capacity of a 4PL provider and will do everything to necessitate the process. This includes providing a well-established website for eCommerce and has the infrastructure for storage of products in its warehouses and will initiate shipping of orders to reach customers and also will provide the much-needed software assistance for the fulfillment of the whole transaction.

What is Amazon Brand Dashboard?

Amazon Brand Dashboard is an incredible feature of Amazon that will guide you in getting enough engagement for your product by converting traffic and also by optimizing the products, and it also provides a concise view of the posted reviews about your products.

What is Amazon Catalog API?

Amazon Catalog Application Programme Interface (Amazon Catalog API) will facilitate programmatic access to search and retrieve the output/product details from Amazon’s archive.

What is Amazon’s Average Offer Count?

Amazon Average Offer Count refers to the average volume of offers available for sale on your page. This makes it ideally possible as you will have more than one offer readily available at any point in time.

What is Amazon DSP?

Amazon’s Demand Side Platform (DSP) enables advertisers to programmatically buy and sell display, video, and audio ads at scale on Amazon. It is digital advertising on Amazon that will cover social media platforms, websites, and online video channels like U tube and mobile apps.

What is Amazon Live?

Amazon Live is a live streaming service that facilitates brands and Amazon influencers to get into an online chat with their customers, debut the new products launched, enable users to interact with various products, and provide expert opinion and guidance in real-time.

What is Amazon’s PPC Tool?

Amazon PPC software Tool is designed specifically through which the sellers can manage their PPC Ad campaigns. Such tools immensely help in optimizing their ads as managing the various advertisements on Amazon need the much-needed assistance.

What is Sales Dashboard Report?

Sales Dashboard Report will provide you with a fast overview of each order and sales. These reports provide valuable insights by comparing and analyzing data from the previous day, or a week, and the previous year in the form of several trend graphs.

What is Amazon SOAP Protocol?

Amazon SOAP Protocol is an XML-based messaging system that is widely used for exchanging information among several computers present and an application of the XML specification. It is a communication protocol specifically designed to communicate via the Internet which can extend HTTP for XML messaging. It also will provide data transport for Web services for Simple Object Access Protocol.

What is Amazon Sponsored Display?

Amazon Sponsored Display refers to a self-service advertising product where ad creative is automatically generated to facilitate a quick launching of ad campaigns.

What is Amazon Sponsored Brand?

Amazon Sponsored Brands are banner ads or otherwise Headline Search Ads that will help to have programmatic access to various ad campaigns and also will facilitate proper management of them with Amazon’s advertising API.

What is Amazon Marketing?

Amazon marketing refers to the process by which promotional strategies and tactics are extensively used to make Amazon products more visible. The whole process involves helping the products listed on Amazon to have a better rank in search results and creating relevant ads.

What is Amazon Order Item Session?

Amazon Order Item Session Percentage is a metric that is calculated by dividing the number of orders of an item by the number of sessions (optimum number of visits to your Amazon product detail pages) for a stipulated time. The average rate on Amazon is 12.3%.

What is Amazon Unit Session Percentage?

Amazon Unit Session Percentage is calculated as the ratio of the number of units sold on an ASIN each time. In a nutshell, it will represent how many people visited your page and how many times they viewed your product listing.

What is Amazon’s Sales Rank?

Amazon Sales Rank is a metric that explains how well an Amazon product is selling in its relevant category. A higher-selling product reflects a lower rank, whereas a lower-selling product will show a higher rank.

What is Amazon Session vs Pageview?

Amazon Session reflects the total number of unique visits, while Amazon Page Views are the total number of pages that are viewed by customers. You will anticipate that a visitor who visits Amazon will look at more than one of your pages, this will make your sessions lower than your number of page views.

What is Amazon Transparency Program?

Amazon Transparency Program benefits sellers who enroll themselves in it as Amazon will ensure that only authentic products are shipped to customers as Amazon scans all the products. Amazon makes it a point to scan every single product with individual Transparency-enabled code to make sure that only genuine and authentic products will be shipped to consumers regardless of whether Fulfilled by Amazon or shipped directly by selling partners.

What is Amazon Vine?

Amazon Vine is a review generation program that is being offered to 1P vendors. The Vendor must enroll her products in Vine by furnishing relevant particulars to generate reviews from Amazon’s best reviewers.

What is Amazon’s Choice?

Amazon’s Choice benefits customers as it recommends those products that are highly rated and well-priced which are readily available to be shipped immediately.

What is AMG?

It refers to Amazon Media Group.

What is AMS?

AMS is Amazon Marketing Services previously, but now it is known as Amazon Advertising.

What is AMZ or AZ or AMZL?

AMZ is the other name for Amazon, an e-commerce and cloud computing company based in Seattle, Washington, USA. Amazon currently ranks as the largest internet retailer in the world in terms of revenue generation and market capitalization.

What is Andon Cord?

Andon Cord is meant for Customers and when a customer raises a product-related issue and calls an Amazon authorized representative to report a specific issue or problem or defect in a product, the representative can “pull the cord.” He or she can completely remove the product from distribution until the problem is amicably resolved and has been fixed, and till now, it helped in preventing an enormous amount of customer service issues for Amazon with customer-centered service.

What is API/Application Program Interface?

It is a software code devised that will allow two specific software programs/platforms to communicate with one another.

What is API Gateway Console?

Amazon API Gateway is an AWS service designed to create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure REST, HTTP, and WebSocket APIs at any scale. API developers can develop and create the specific APIs that access AWS or other web services, as also data stored in the AWS cloud.

What is ARA?

Amazon Retail Analytics is often referred to as ARA basic. It is a reporting section in Vendor Central that is accessible to brands to analyze their sales and volume of inventory with Amazon.

What is ARAP?

It is popularly called an Amazon Retail Analytics Premium. This is an advanced reporting section for vendors that will facilitate them to monitor and know about traffic on their product pages and also analyze customer behavior.

What is ASIN?

Amazon Standard Identification Number is Amazon’s internal unique identifier identifiable with the listing.

What is ASN?

Advanced Shipment Notification is a document that notifies Amazon about the time and characteristics of a shipment that is currently pending.

What is ASP?

Average Selling Price is calculated as net sales ÷ volume sold.

What is A-to-Z Guarantee?

Amazon’s A-to-Z Guarantee protects you when you buy products that are being sold and fulfilled by a third-party seller. It will cover matters related to the condition of your products and ensures the timely delivery.

What is Attribution API?

Amazon Attribution Application Programme Interface is an analytics and advertising measurement product that will throw light on the measurement of product performance concerning advertising which will enable advertisers to understand the impact of their non-Amazon marketing strategies on driving Amazon shopping activity.

What is Attribution Tag?

Amazon Attribution Tag is a tracking URL that you can generate in your Amazon Attribution account. You can place this tag or URL in your email, or ad or in your blog post in a similar manner as a regular link to get customers to your product listing. Even though a customer may or may not make any purchase, this tag will stick to a customer’s entire product search history from the point where they clicked on the product’s ad to where they reached your Amazon product listing.

What is Automatic Targeted Ad?

These are advertisements that are targeted to relevant search terms by Amazon and do not require you to use specific keywords.

What is Automatic Targeting?

It is an Amazon ad format that is specifically designed wherein an algorithm will drive a matching between products and specific targets.

What is the Average Amazon Seller?

An average FBA seller will be a person who sells his products on the Amazon platform and records a sales volume of between $1000 to $25,000 per month. His average margin of profit will be approximately between 10% – and 20 %.

What is AVN?

Annual Vendor Negotiation gives information about the yearly alignment of terms and conditions between 1P suppliers and Amazon.

What is AVS?

Amazon Vendor Service formerly known as Strategic Vendor Service (SVS) is a paid program that provides access to a reliable and dedicated executive to help and assist vendors with matters related to operational issues namely catalog and ordering.

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary of Amazon that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs on a metered pay-as-you-go basis to companies, governments, and individuals. These cloud computing web services will provide several
varied basic abstract technical infrastructure facilities as well as some very distinctive distributed computing building blocks and tools to those in liaison with Amazon.

What is AWS Lambda?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda is a compute service that enables you to run code without the necessity of provisioning or managing any servers. Lambda enables you to run your code on a high-availability compute infrastructure which is in-built and will perform all the complex administration functionalities of the compute resources, including code monitoring, logging, server and operating system maintenance, capacity provisioning, and automatic scaling. With the help of Lambda, you will be able to run code for virtually any type of backend service or application easily. But you need to provide your code in one of the languages that Lamba supports to run it with ease.

What is Bid+?

As a seasoned seller on Amazon, you wish to get a top-ranking keyword in your niche in less than 60 days. The Bid+ button will be of immense use if you are planning for manually targeted Amazon Ad campaigns. The advantage of the Bid+ button is that it facilitates raising bids in a progressive mode in an ad campaign approximately up to 50% more than your default bid settings when ads are eligible to list at the top of search engine results.

What is Amazon Brand Metrics Open Beta?

Amazon Brand Metrics (beta) is an innovative measurement solution that will quantify opportunities for your brand at every stage of a customer journey in Amazon’s store and will help brands to realize and understand the value of various shopping engagements that progressively impact different stages of that journey.

What is Amazon Catalog Search API?

Amazon Catalog Search API will allow you to have programmatic access to search and retrieve the information about a product from Amazon’s catalog. If you experience any trouble in getting information about the API, it’s purely because the web service has undergone name changes a couple of times in recent history. It is popularly known as ECS and AAWS previously.

What is B2B?

B2B is known as Business to Business.

What is B2C?

B2C means Business to Consumer.

What is B2C Amazon Marketing?

B2C Amazon marketing refers to the marketing of your B2C Company and its products on Amazon. B2C Amazon marketing will help your business to grow progressively as you can promote your products to millions of active users on Amazon.

What is BD?

If a price discount is run for several days or weeks on Amazon, then it is popularly termed the Best Deal on Amazon.

What is a Best Seller?

If an ASIN sells the greatest number of products within a particular category, then it earns a badge of the Best Seller Rank.

What is BISS?

Industrial and scientific-related customers need a category of products that are Industrial & Scientific Supplies in nature and Amazon serves the needs of this category by registering sales in that particular category.

What is BOGO?

Buy One Get One is a kind of innovative promotion campaign for sellers and will be one of the best ways to launch new products on Amazon and rank instantly. BOGO will allow you to offer two products for the price of one to highlight a new product In the Amazon marketplace or to enable your present customers to buy differently with an attractive offer to buy two products for the price of one.

What is Brand?

Brand connotes a type of product that is manufactured by a particular company with a distinct name. It requires advanced product research strategies for building a successful brand in today’s competitive world.

What is Brand Registry?

Brand Registry is Amazon’s tool kit to enable brand owners to be successful on the Amazon marketplace. This program is designed keeping in view the businesses to verify their brands to have access to advanced analytics with enhanced features and enjoy the various brand protection features that will help protect registered trademarks so that customers can have a reliable and trusted and accurate experience on Brands.

What is Brand Store?

Brand Store refers to the Home Page of your business on Amazon. It is available exclusively for brand owners. It provides an exclusive brand-dedicated platform for sellers with a trustworthy experience that is familiar to all users on the Amazon platform.

What is Break-even ACoS?

A break-even ACoS is a point where the seller would either start earning or losing the money from the advertisement. Your break-even ACoS is the crux where your product will make zero profit and zero loss.

What is Brand Voice?

Brand Voice reflects the personification of your company.

What is Browse Node?

Browse Node refers to numerical codes that are identifiable with various categories of products that are available on Amazon. Nodes are characterized by-products of both top-level and sub-categories.

What is BSR?

Best Seller Rank refers to Amazon’s category ranking system which will be based on the number of units sold. An Amazon designation is based on an in-house algorithm that reflects a product’s sales, past and present. The BSR can be used to estimate a product’s sales numbers.

What is Bullet Points

Bullet Points represent the product attributes that appear on the product detail page that provides information on the product’s key features.

What is Bundle?

A bundle is nothing but multiple single items that are identifiable with different EAN/ASIN codes and are offered and sold together as a single offering.

What is Amazon Buy Box?

Amazon Buy Box is a widget visible on most Amazon product listing pages that provided an enhanced shopping experience for a customer to quickly purchase products they are searching for. Amazon Buy Box eligibility is complex in the sense that if more than one seller is active on the listing, only one seller can win the Buy Box.

What is CAGR?

CAGR refers to Compound Annual Growth Rate.

What is Catalog?

A product catalog is a tool that will help you in getting sales on Amazon. It is a combination of clear information that will be in the description and good images.

What is a Category?

Amazon’s product division is designed in such a way that it will be based on the shared characteristics and uses of many products. Based on this, products will be segregated in a broad category placement perspective, which is
also called departments and one or more sub-category placements.

What is CCC (CamelCamelCamel)?

It is an online site where buyers will be able to see the rank history as well as the price of a particular product.

What is Chargeback?

Amazon charges a penalty for non-compliance with the set practices which are standardized processes or for inaccurate/late delivery of products.

What is Child listing (child ASIN)?

Child Listing (Child ASIN) refers to a product that is tied with Parent Listing, which will allow it to appear on a single product detail page with different variations of the same product.

What is Chime?

Chime refers to Amazon’s instant messenger that facilitates employees and brands to have a chat, assemble for a meeting, and place phone calls purely for the business purpose outside and inside the organization.

What is Climate Pledge Friendly?

It is Amazon’s program to have a display of compatible products that are both sustainable and eco-friendly in its marketplace.

What is CM (Contribution Margin)?

Contribution Margin works with the formula: (Average Selling Price of the product – Average Cost per Unit + Contra-COGS – Variable Costs) ÷ Average Selling Price of the product.

What is COGS (Cost of Goods Sold)?

The cost of goods sold is the total costs incurred during the manufacture of products or a service that has been sold on Amazon. Amazon private label product reflects the packaging, shipping, and tax duties levied in addition to the manufacturing costs that are incurred.

What is Concession?

Concession is the amount refunded to customers of Amazon in the form of dollars.

What is Contra COGS?

Contra COGS is the money spent by vendors with Amazon to offset the total cost of goods sold. It is calculated on the cost price (list price) at which a product is being sold to Amazon to offset the amount.

What is a Coupon?

Amazon Coupon is meant for launching new products by Amazon sellers to provide discounts to attract customers. This is an innovative way of using Amazon’s marketing services to successfully launch a new product.

What is CP (Contribution Profit)?

It is the amount of the Margin of Contribution that is reflected as a dollar value.

What is CPC/Cost Per Click?

It’s the most common term associated with Amazon PPC advertising campaigns and as the name goes Pay Per Click is the price you pay each time your ad is clicked by a potential customer. It is a metric relevant for Amazon PPC advertising strategy and is an important metric to track.

What is CPM or Cost per Millie?

It is an advertising methodology wherein you pay each time if 1000 people view your ad. Programmatic Ads are an advertising methodology where you pay certain amount per 1000 impressions, or the number of times your ad appears. Cost per Millie (CPM) means cost per thousand impressions.

What is CRAP (Cannot Realize Any Profit)?

If Products don’t serve the purpose of realizing any profits, then they will eventually get delisted by Amazon. This is called CRAP by Amazon.

What is Crowdfunding?

It is the process of raising and funding a venture or project from several people in several small amounts through a complete online process.

What is CTR (Click-Through-Rate)?

Click Through Rate reflects the total percentage of customers who visit Amazon and see your product ad and click on it to make an impression. This will be calculated by dividing total number of clicks by total impressions.

What is Customs Clearance?

It is an official process of levy of duties by the government on the cost of imported goods as products pass through customs department and these duties are administered and collected by an official.

What is Customer Response Time?

Customer Response Time plays a significant role in improving the chances of winning the Amazon Buy Box as it is considered that you need to replay to customers within 12 hours to win Buy Box.

What is CVR/Conversion Rate?

Conversion Rate signifies the percentage of clicks on your advertisement with reference to converting the same into sales. The average conversion rate on Amazon is 9.87%.

What is CX?

It refers to the Customer Experience in relation to the products on Amazon.

What is Data Replication?

It refers to the authentic replication of data and later storing the same into different databases or nodes, and various sites. Data replication is extensively used for high availability features of a software program. Data replication is considered to be one of the best practices for the purpose of avoiding any undue incidents of system related issues with respect to hardware and also any failure of server for business-critical systems. Data replication helps in creating an equilibrium in smooth running of database system.

What is Data Warehousing?

A data warehouse is a central repository of important data that can be scrutinized and analyzed to make more significant evaluation. It is a usual practice that data flows into a data warehouse from relational databases and other sources and from transactional systems. SQL clients, Business Intelligence tools (BI Tools) and other analytical applications are extensively used to access data as data scientists, data engineers and other important decision makers seek for significant decision making.

What is DDP (Delivery Duty Paid)

The supplier is accountable for arranging carriage and delivering the goods at the stipulated place, cleared for import, and all applicable tariffs and duties paid.

What is a Demographics Report?

Demographics Report provides data about the age, income, education, and marital status of buyers.

What is a Display Ad?

These are Visual ads that are being served on and off Amazon through Amazon DSP.

What is Detail Page Views?

Detail Page Views refer to the optimum number of impressions per a product detail page during a particular period.

What is a Drip Campaign?

Drip Campaign is a kind of direct marketing process wherein the sellers reach out to customers after they record a purchase.

What is DS (Drop Shipping)?

Drop Shipping is a fulfilment method where when a customer chooses and buys any particular product, the Amazon store will purchase that product from a third-party seller and the same will be shipped directly to the customer instead of storing the products in the warehouse.

What is Duplication of ASIN?

As there are several products with similar features sold by different sellers on Amazon marketplace, Amazon brought into force certain norms regarding product ASINs of which, if a seller wishes to sell a product in the product catalog, then he must match the corresponding product ASIN with the pre-existing ASIN by making an offer of the same. Creating a new ASIN is prohibited in the sense that if a product is already existing and readily available.

What is EAN?

European Article Number is a globally- recognized 13-digit string which describes barcode methodology and numbering system which is significantly used in international trade for the purpose of identifying a particular type of a retail product, matching with a corresponding specific packaging configuration to match with a specific manufacturer.

What is Early Reviewer Program?

Amazon Early Reviewer Program signifies a program of rating and reviews, encouraged, and instigated by Amazon itself to customers who already purchased a product online, to come forward and give authentic feedback in the form of 1-star or 5-star rating.

What is EDD?

It refers to Estimated Delivery Date of a product bought from Amazon marketplace.

What is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange refers digital correspondence between companies regarding receiving and processing of purchase orders.

What is EFN (European Fulfillment Network)?

Amazon third-party sellers based in Europe has an option that will allow them to sell their products in other Amazon marketplaces too while fulfilling their product orders in their home location.

What is EXW (Ex Works)?

The seller will be accountable and responsible and liable to deliver the entire shipment from door to door. This is when a freight forwarder comes to the rescue of a seller. As per the norms of international trade on Amazon the buyer must cover the cost of transporting the product to his doorstep and the responsibility of a seller ends with making the product available at the location specified.

What is FBA/Fulfillment By Amazon?

Fulfilment By Amazon refers to Amazon’s process of storing, packing, and delivering orders to respective customers and also handling return of goods and exchanges as well.  In simple terms Amazon FBA is a 3PL for sellers.

What is FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant)?

Amazon Fulfilment By Merchant is meant for sellers who will be responsible for storing, picking, packing, shipping, and later providing the much needed customer service to buyers who purchase their products from Amazon Store.

What is FC (Fulfillment Center)?

Amazon Fulfilment Center is a big warehouse of Amazon for storing, prepping and shipping various products that are ordered by customers and will be shipped on behalf Amazon and its third-party sellers.

What is FCA (Free To Carrier)?

The seller is responsible and liable once the shipment is handed over to the carrier, typically near the port in the country of origin.

What is Feedback Count?

Feedback Count provides the much-needed information about reactions regarding a product, or it may refer to the performance of a person in task fulfilling etc, that serves as a yardstick for better performance and as a basis for improvement. There is a link available to buyers on order page in the account on the main Amazon website. It will be available to customers after 3 days once an order is placed and a customer is allowed to provide only one feedback per order.

What is a Feedback Tool?

Reliable and positive feedback is vital for winning the Buy Box, and the more recent the feedback, the greater will be its outcome. Feedback Genius and Feedback Five are the two tools that aid sellers in the process of optimizing feedback. These tools will help in sending custom-made and automatic reminders to customers and will help in the monitoring of negative feedback to address to it and resolve amicably for greater customer satisfaction.

What is FFP?

Frustration-Free Packaging is a program designed by Amazon that aims at eliminating complex and difficult to open and cumbersome packaging that is excessive.

What is File Feed?

File Feed is used to update and create product listings on Amazon through Seller Central by way of bulk upload.

What is FOB (Free Onboard)?

Free Onboard is the cost of transporting products to customer from factory to a port and this cost is to be borne by the supplier. The supplier will add this additional cost to the cost of manufacturing the product.

What is Free Shipping Promo?

Free Shipping Promo is a promotional template by Amazon that will allow you to offer a limited-period, free shipping deal for a subset of product catalog to attract customers.

What is Freight Forwarder?

A third-party shipping service that will communicate with your supplier to coordinate all of the shipping details. Whether you ship your Amazon products via ocean freight or air, a freight forwarder can help.

What is Full-Funnel View?

A full-funnel strategy can help you create efficiencies across the funnel. A full-funnel strategy can be a powerful framework for growing your business to create efficiencies across the funnel that will enable you to view compounding impact that will lead to h2er results like an increase in ROAS, a growth rate in sales, progressively built brand awareness and purchase intent in today’s omni-channel journey.

What is Gated Category?

It is a division of restricted products that are locked to sellers and will not be available without prior approval from Amazon.

What is a Gated Product?

Gated products are blocked by 3P sellers on the Amazon marketplace for sale.

What is Gateway Placement?

It refers to the placement of an Ad on specific landing page within the category of a product.

What is Amazon Glance View?

Amazon Glance Views are the number of impressions made on a product detail page.

What is GTIN (Global Trade Item Number)?

GTINs are used to identify details and information about a product. It will always be a unique 14-digit number that is used to identify all products sold on Amazon on international platform. A product’s GTIN is identifiable with a UPC, SBN, or EAN number.

What is Hazmat?

Hazmat refers to any Hazardous materials such as products of highly flammable nature, pressurized products, or products of toxic nature that must be handled with caution and special care to protect the safety and health of customers and employees.

What is HTTP API?

Amazon API Gateway is an AWS service for creating, publishing, maintaining, monitoring, and securing REST, HTTP, and WebSocket APIs at any scale. You can create RESTful APIs with lower latency and a much lower cost than REST APIs. HTTP APIs provide the core functionality of API Gateway and are useful in sending request to AWS Lambda functions or any of routable HTTP endpoint.

What is Import?

If goods are brought from an outside country for sale, then it is called Import.

What is IDQ?

Item Data Quality is implemented to improve quality of content features by spotting any missing bullet points, missing titles, typos other content flaws for data improvement.

What is Incoterm?

Shipping agreements have some standard terminology which describe about who will be responsible and liable for shipping or moving a company product from Point X to Point Y. These standard terms in international shipping agreements are called Incoterms.

What is Index Suppressed?

If you are having a seller account in the Amazon Seller Central and your product listings must comply with Amazon’s standard and guideline procedures. Index Suppressed is a catalog attribute and non-compliance with Amazon’s standards will impact your product listings and as a result the ASIN will be suppressed from the search results and they are not visible to the customers when they search your products.

What is Inventory?

Inventory refers to the products of your company that are listed and available for sale on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms like ebay etc. Adherence to proper Inventory Management by sellers will help them protect their products.

What is IPI (Inventory Performance Index)?

Inventory Performance Index is a yardstick for measuring the performance of sellers as to how well they are managing their inventory levels. The ideal score will be anything between 0 and 1000.

What is IP?

It refers to the Intellectual Property.

What is ISBN (International Standard Book Number)?

International Standard Book Numbers are related to identify a specific edition of a book, it can be an audio book or an eBook or book-like product and is identifiable with a 10 or 13-digit strings.

What is Item Comparison Report?

Item Comparison is a compilation of top 5 competing products in a report format.

What is Item Type Keyword (ITK)?

Item Type Keywords are formulated by assigning product ASINs to specific browse nodes. If a seller fails to provide a browse note, then Amazon will assign the broadest or root node for a specific category like for example Cosmetic products. It is one of the ways that items are assigned to category browse nodes. These products won’t be able to fare well because finding them and comparing them to other product listings will be difficult for customers.

What is JAN?

Japanese Article Number (JAN) is a barcode standard compatible with the European Article Number/ EAN.

What is JSON based REST API?

JSON or JavaScript Object Notation is an encoding procedure that is specifically designed to eliminate the need for an ad-hoc code for each application to communicate with servers that will be communicating in a pre-set format. JSON API module exposes an implementation for data stores and data structures, such as fields, bundles, and entity configurations.

What is Joint Business Plan?

It is an agreement and collaboration between 1P vendors and Amazon for periodical review of their performances and creating a mutual plan to work together for the growth of their businesses for a set period of time.

What is KPI (Key Performance Indicator)?

Amazon Key Performance Indicators are quantifiable values that are used to evaluate how well a company is faring in multiple areas of a business on par with the pre-determined standards set.

What is Landed Cost?

Landed Cost of a Unit is the cost of product with its freight charges and cost of customs tax added.

What is a Landed Price?

Landed Price is the offer price at which a product is sold on Amazon marketplace.

What is a Late Shipment Rate?

Late Shipment Rate refers to the number of orders that are shipped late and not as per the shipping date expected.

What is a LaunchPad?

Amazon LaunchPad is a supplemental marketing program by to attract startups and emerging new brands to accelerate and jumpstart their Amazon business. It provides the much-needed global infrastructure that provides merchandising, education to entrepreneurs to have a market-ready, consumer-compatible and readily available products to ship and reach customers within 30 days.

What is a Lead Magnet?

It is a promotional program to attract customers wherein a free or cheap product is offered in exchange for information about a potential customer’s email or phone number.

What is LTSF (Long Term Storage Fees)?

It is the fee that is charged for stock of inventory that has been in fulfillment centers for more than a year.

What is Listing Optimization?

The efforts made to improve the content of the product’s listing in order to rank well on Amazon Organic Search Results is called Listing Optimization.

What is Manual Targeting?

It is a way of Amazon’s Ad campaign format where in specific category of keywords and ASINs are used manually.

What is MAP (Minimum Advertised Price)?

Minimum Advertising Price is set while dealing with wholesalers or while buying directly from a manufacturer.

What is a Marketplace?

It is the domain where officially sells its products and have the online infrastructure for conducting e-Commerce business.,, are the examples of several marketplaces of

What is MCF?

Multi-Channel Fulfillment is a service provided by Amazon by which brands can use Amazon warehouses for storing and shipping products that are being sold outside of Amazon.

What is MCI (Multi-Country Inventory)?

Multi-country Inventory is an exclusive Amazon Fulfilment option that enables FBA sellers to dispatch their FBA inventory to Amazon fulfilment centres to multiple countries of their choice across Europe. Customers can receive their products much faster, and conveniently from the respective local delivery which will be much closer to where they live.

What is MCP?

Matching Compensation refers to Amazon’s request to support low-margin products with nominal investments to keep them listed in the Amazon catalog page.

What is MFN?

Merchant Fulfilled Network is described as the process of product fulfilment by sellers to the end customer either themselves or through a 3PL relationship that is through FBM or Fulfilled by Merchant.

What is Missing/Suppressed Buy Box?

Finally, a Buy Box can go missing when an entire listing is suppressed or taken down. This is usually the result of a product being completely out of stock as none of the sellers are having an active offer readily available. As a result of this, Amazon Buy Box will be suppressed and the listing is removed from search results, and shoppers can located your listing only through a direct link or variation.

What is MoM?

Month over Month

What is MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?

Minimum Order Quantity is the to lowest possible volume of output that is allowed to be ordered by a manufacturer for a particular product.

What is MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price)?

The manufacturer particularly suggests MSRP for which his products should be sold when the price of the product is less than MSRP. It is the price which is shown above the selling price of the product on Amazon.

What is MTD?

Month to Date

What is MWS?

This refers to Amazon’s Marketplace Web Services, where you get access to your API/MWS Keys (application programming interface).

What is NDA?

Non-Disclosure Agreement

What is Net?

Net profit is the actual profit after deducting the incidental or direct expenses in the calculation after gross profit has been paid.

What is Net PPM?

Net PPM or Procurement Margin is a profitability metric and the ratio between your average selling price and cost price after considering contra-COGS or trading terms with Amazon. It is Calculated as (Average Selling Price – Average Cost per Unit + Contra-COGS) ÷ Average Selling Price (Net PPM Calculator). It refers to the profitability of a product and relevant to a vendor’s bottom-line performance.

What is Net Receipt?

Net Receipts refer to the total volume of output received by Amazon multiplied by the cost price of the product of the vendor.

What is Niche?

Amazon Aggregators are particular about what they have been searching on Amazon in terms of content. Niche items are specific products to target inside a particular market segment that they are exactly looking for and have in mind.

What is NIS?

New Item Setup describes about the listing process of a product.

What is NISKU?

It stands for Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit. The FNSKU is the unique identifier for a seller’s listing when sold through FBA.

What is NP?

New Product refers to a newly listed product on Amazon.

What is NR?

Items which cannot be restocked are called non-Replenishable.

What is OA (Online Arbitrage)?

It is the process of purchasing products cheaply on one online e-Commerce platform in order to sell them on another e-Commerce platform at a much higher price.

What is OB?


What is OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)?

Original Equipment Manufacturer refers to a company that manufactures parts and equipment of a particular product, but they are marketed by another manufacturer.

What is On-Time Delivery?

It is the percentage of orders received by customers in advance within the stipulated delivery date.

What is Onsite Associate?

Onsite Associate is an extension of Amazon Associates Program wherein product-related content is served by outsiders or third parties to Amazon.

What is OOS?

When a product is not readily available it is called as Out of Stock.

What is Opt-In?

Opt-in is a marketing activity where a potential customer is given a choice to either get himself involved with or indulge directly with Amazon website.

What is Ordered Revenue?

Ordered Revenue refers to the orders placed by end customers that have not yet shipped by Amazon. It’s based on the average selling price at the time of the order. Calculated as: ASP X Number of products ordered.

What is Ordered Volume?

It is calculated as Ordered Revenue ÷ ASP.

What is P&L?

Profit and Loss

What is Pan Eu?

PAN EU is an option for Amazon’s European marketplaces where if a seller is regularly selling his products. It allows them to send their products to one fulfillment center and it is Amazon’s responsibility to ship them to their fulfilment centers across the continent.

What is Order Defect Rate?

The order defect rate (ODR) measures your ability in serving your customers and to provide them a pleasant customer experience.

What is a Parent ASIN?

Parent ASINs are related to generic products while Child ASINs are for specific products. If the products have variations with regards to size, color or flavor, then they will have a Parent ASIN and Child ASINs.

What is PDP (Product Detail Page)?

Amazon’s landing page displaying the details and about product particulars is called Product Detail Page.

What is Performance Notification?

It is a page in Seller Central that shows how you are performing as a seller based on the feedback provided by your customers to know about their satisfaction.

What is PL (Private Label)?

A product manufactured for sale under the retailer rather than the manufacturer.

What is POD?

Proof of Delivery

What is a Post?

It is related to the browsing and directory experience on Amazon that is based on shopping of brand.

What is PPV?

Product Price Variation occurs when there is a difference between the cost price of Amazon’s purchase order and the cost price of a vendor.

What is PQV?

Product Quantity Variation is noticeable when the total number of products at the Amazon warehouse doesn’t match with the product quantity of a vendor invoice.

What is PR?

Planned Replenishment

What is a Product Logo?

Amazon Logo is permissible registered trademark of a product allowed for using it by a vendor in a line-up with two or more retailers and not linking to Amazon. Sellers must have a Product Logo and it is advisable to have a design patent, utility or registered patent for products that are sold on Amazon.

What is a REST API?

REST stands for “Representational State Transfer.” And REST API (also known as RESTful API) is an application programme interface that confronts to the constraints of REST architectural design and will permit for interaction with RESTful web services.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a renowned and exclusive Amazon membership that provides benefits to customers like streaming of music, movies, popular shows and free shipping too. It is designed as two-day shipping program by Amazon.

What is a Product Tracker?

Product Tracker is a tool which will be useful to sellers to optimize standards to improve ranking of their products on Amazon marketplace.

What is Q1?

First Quarter (Jan-Mar)

What is Q2?

Second Quarter (Apr-Jun)

What is Q3?

Third Quarter (Jul-Sep)

What is Q4?

Fourth Quarter (Oct-Dec)

What is Q5?

It refers to the Fifth Quarter right after Christmas.

What is QA?

Quality Assurance

What is QBR?

Quarterly Business Review

What is Referral Fee?

Referral Fee is the Amazon’s commission on sales on marketplace.

What is Relative Asset Library?

Relative Asset Library is an innovative tool that is in-built on Amazon’s A+ content builder that facilitates optimizing, archiving, and uploading of content more easily than the methods used earlier.

What is a Return Rate?

Return Rate is calculated as amount of returns / number of units sold.

What is Reverse ASIN Lookup?

Reverse ASIN lookup is to investigate how competitors are faring to generate sales with the use of Amazon PPC keywords and this is done by tactfully looking at the competitors product ASINs and using them to own advantage of advertising products.

What is Sales and Traffic Report?

Sales and Traffic Report is related to the average volume of sales data generated for a stipulated period such as daily, weekly, or monthly.

What is Search Frequency Rank?

Search Frequency Rank connotes the popularity of a particular search term as against other terms used at the same time.

What is RoAS (Return on Ad Spend)?

It is the Revenue generated / advertising cost.

What is a Sales Page?

Sales Page is created for generating sales by coercing the viewers into making a purchase.

What is a Sample?

Sample is a single product that is shipped to a buyer to enable him to evaluate the quality of a product, service, and competence of a manufacturer, supplier, or wholesaler.

What is SC (Seller Central)?

Seller Central refers to the Amazon’s User Interface on third-party marketplace for sellers. Amazon uses this web interface to help sellers to manage their Amazon Professional or Individual seller accounts.

What is SDA?

Selective Distribution Agreement binds the suppliers to maintain control over resale of their products by selling only to the distributors who match with specific criteria set for the purpose.

What is SDN?

Selective Distribution Network enlists about the particulars of all the distributors who are part of Selective Distribution Agreement/SDA.

What is Seller Feedback?

Seller Feedback is the opinion of previous customers who bought products on Amazon platform.

What is Seller Fulfilled Prime?

Seller Fulfilled Prime enables merchants to ship their products directly to customers with Amazon Prime badge.

What is Seller Support?

Seller Support is the Customer Service for sellers.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Search Engine Optimization is an online marketing strategy that churns out online traffic by improving your product’s ranking in the search engine results pages.

What is a session in Amazon Business Reports?

Sessions track the number of times a customer visits Amazon website within 24 hours. Even though a prospective customer visits several other pages and when he visits Amazon page once, it means that only one session is registered.

What is Shipped COGS?

Shipped COGS is a metric used to evaluate the shipped cost of goods sold. It is based on the cost price of a product at time of purchase by Amazon, multiplied by the volume of products that are shipped during a stipulated period. Expressed as a dollar value and calculated as: Vendor Cost Price * Shipped Volume of products to end customers.

What is Shipped Revenue?

It is the approximate volume of revenue generated by Amazon by shipping a vendor’s products. This amount is based on the average selling price set for the customer at the time of shipment which will be multiplied by the volume of sales during the period. It will be calculated as follows: ASP * Volume Shipped to the prospective customers.

What is Shipped Volume?

Shipped Volume is determined by dividing the shipped revenue by Average Selling Price of the product. i.e., shipped revenue ÷ ASP.

What is a Shipping Tool?

Ship Works is a tool that connects to your seller central account, and you can download each order. It will enable you to govern information related to customer tracking, update the status of online order, can generate shipping labels of each order. Ship Station is another shipping tool that will function in a similar manner which will enable sellers to create personalized packing slips for products as well as branded shipping labels.

What is SIOC?

Ships in Own Container provides information about those products that don’t need an Amazon over the box.

What is SLA?

It is called Service Level Agreement.

What is SMB Amazon Marketing?

SMB Amazon marketing is designed to promote products of your company on Amazon marketplace. This may involve using a series of advertising tactics such as Amazon PPC ad campaigns, Amazon SEO, Amazon review management, and more that will help in keeping your company’s products on top of search results for prospective customers.

What is SNL?

Small and Light is a fulfillment program that will facilitate in setting low shipping costs for qualified products that will be small enough to fit into an envelope.

What is SOV (Share of Voice)?

Share of Voice refers to absolute share of market your brand is holding as against the competitors’ products.

What is SPN?

It refers to a Service Provider Network.

What is a Sponsored Ad?

Amazon Sponsored Ad is the PPC advertising solution that will enable you to promote your products with keyword-targeted ads.

What is Sponsored Display Ad?

Sponsored Display Ads are meant for promoting a particular product. Sponsored Display Ads are PPC ads with the help of which advertisers aim at targeting shoppers based on various shopping activities they undertake like products viewed and purchases made.

What is Sponsored Display Audiences for Amazon?

Sponsored Display is an advertising strategy designed to target customers through Amazon’s Sponsored Display ads, it’s a way of promoting your business through innovative advertising strategy that will help your business to grow by generating more purchase volume by prospective customers who are all interested in your products.

What is a Squeeze Page?

Squeeze Page is a landing page that is specifically designed to capture opt-in email addresses from prospective subscribers.

What is a Shopping Cart?

The shopping cart is a temporary place on Amazon Page to store all the products viewed and that are intended to be bought by prospective customers and will reflect the most recent price of each product.

What is a Storefront

Storefront is a type of service that will enable sellers to create their respective brand store on

What is Subscribe & Save?

Subscribe & save is a feature that will provide benefits to customers to save from 5-20% on products they intend to buy just by signing up for auto-shipment option.

What is Third-Party Seller?

Third-party Seller refers to the sellers who sell their products on Amazon marketplace without selling them on Amazon First.

What is TOS?

It refers to the Terms of Service of Amazon.

What is Unverified Review?

Unverified Reviews are left by a user who visited Amazon website but hadn’t made any purchase of the products.

What is UPC (Universal Product Code)?

A machine-readable code that identifies a specific product and tracks basic information about it.

What is Upsell?

Upsell is a sales technique wherein the seller convinces customers to purchase more expensive products, may persuade to go for upgrades, etc., in order to earn more profits.

What is UX?

The term connotes User Experience.

What is VA (Virtual Assistant)?

Virtual Assistant is a person who provides remote administrative assistance.

What is Valid Tracking Rate?

Valid Tracking Rate is a performance metric from calculated as a percentage of total packages that are shipping with valid tracking information. Valid tracking rate will be effective based on data since the last seven and 30 days.

What is Variable Closing Fee?

Variable Closing Fee is the cost of Fixed expenses incidental on certain products from Amazon.

What is Variation Theme?

Variation Theme depicts the relationship between child listings and product listings.

What is VAT?

VAT is termed as the Value Added Tax.

What is Vendor?

Vendor refers to the brands that sell directly to Amazon instead of selling to end customers. It’s Amazon’s responsibility to place the orders and takes care of pricing strategy and inventory management.

What is Amazon Vendor Central?

Amazon Vendor Central is the User Interface for specific customers who intend to sell directly to Amazon.

What is VIR?

Volume Incentive Rates are referred to as the rebates provided by vendors to make Amazon to buy additional volume of products from them. These will be provided as fixed or in the form of tier percentage on the total volume of products ordered by Amazon.

What is VPN (Virtual Private Network)?

Virtual Private Network is a kind of encryption that will allow safe transfer of information to a less secure network.

What is a Warehouse Deal?

Warehouse Deal is a discount offer to the customers of amazon as used and returned products are sold to optimize waste and to minimize the liquidation of products of lesser quality.

What is a Wireframe?

A wireframe refers to a two-dimensional skeletal outline of an app or webpage that is under development. Wireframes are useful to provide a clear overview of the page layout, information architecture, structural outline, functionality, intended behaviour as well as user flow.

What is WS (Wholesale)?

It refers to the price at which products are sold in bulk quantities at lower prices.

What is WoW?

It is known as Week over Week.

What is X-Channel Management?

X-Channel Management is a way of selling their products by different brands across multiple channels of Amazon like Amazon Core, Amazon Go and Amazon Fresh to name a few.

What is YoY?

It means Year over Year.

What is YTD?

It refers to Year to Date.

What is a Zero Inventory?

Zero Inventory is an inventory control mechanism that aims at eliminating any wastage due to piling up of product inventory levels. The objective is that sellers must keep a stock of those products that are needed and will be sold within a stipulated period.

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