Top 5 Benefits of Google Analytics Premium

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Posted On: 25 Mar, 2021

Overview of Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics 360 Suite is a marketing analytics solution comprised of 6 Google products: Optimize 360, Audience Center 360, Tag Manager 360, Data Studio 360, Analytics 360, Attribution 360. This enterprise edition platform enables marketers to get a consolidated picture of their online marketing efforts through several useful tools. Each product in this suite is designed to work together with AdWords, DoubleClick, and other Google products.

Top 5 Benefits of Google Analytics Premium

GA Premium offers a set of powerful features that can help your company rework and optimize its existing analysis processes. Here are five benefits of using Google Analytics Premium and how it can improve your business processes.

No Session Limits while Sampling 

Sampled data in Google Analytics highly impacts data evaluation for making business decisions. These data are algorithm which is randomly selected. It is not an actual sample of all recorded data in a given date range, hence unreliable. If you upgrade to Google Analytics 360 premium, the primary benefit will be creating reports with unlimited sessions before sampling. For special cases where sessions exceed 100 million, Google Analytics premium users can create, export and manage fully unsampled reports.

Data Source Integration

Google Analytics 360 customers get automatic integration with Google BigQuery. The processes get enhanced with interactive analysis of vast and complex datasets in real-time. Users can easily consolidate multiple datasets and export a single dataset from the Google BigQuery interface through an SQL-based syntax. There is also an option to preview the resulting tables and then extract them through business intelligence tools like Tableau for powerful visualization and insightful analysis. GA premium supports native integrations with other Google marketing products, programmatic display ad delivery and management platforms such as Doubleclick Bid Manager (DBM) and DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM). The integrations allowed by Google Analytics helps to show detailed campaign information in Acquisition reporting. Hence, companies easily report on performance across all marketing channels.

Consolidated Reporting for Multiple Properties

Generally, Companies have their data split across multiple Google Analytics properties. This is a standard strategic setup by organizations. Multiple properties separate data for individual stakeholder groups, web properties or configuration for comprehensive performance measurement. Google Analytics 360 customers can create a single source consolidated reporting for all of their Google Analytics properties. These can be used for integrated reporting for marketing teams or executive leadership overseeing organizational performances. 

Sales and Marketing Data Integration 

Organizations with Google Analytics Premium account can use their customer lifetime value and lead data stored in their Sales platform to focus on effective customer segmentation, targeting and personalization. There is an in-built integration between Google Analytics 360 and the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Hence, the sales and marketing team can extract deeper insights into their existing campaign performances by analyzing engagement metrics in the Marketing Cloud and GA. Google Analytics Premium and Salesforce users will obtain a comprehensive picture of the customer lifecycle, engagement, conversion and retention. Marketers can perform better by delivering timely, relevant messaging to high-value customers with popular ad and marketing platforms such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Enterprise Customization

Deep insights into data enable businesses to get a clearer picture of their customers and how to serve them better. To gain these insights, the analytics platform needs significant customization. GA Premium customization ensures that your company has relevant data in its hands. There are two types of enterprise data customization: 

Data Customization: Users can access more than 200 standard dimensions and metrics in GA Premium. It provides 200 custom dimensions and metrics, to measure the relevant aspects affecting the customers, content or business. There is a data import facility from external systems such as CRMs or digital marketing platforms. 

Report Customization: After data customization, you will need useful reports that will utilize the new data points as per your business requirement. With Custom Reports, you can create other reports using custom dimensions and metrics. This is done through a simple interface that allows users to build a report suite from scratch.

Conclusion: Why do you need a Google Analytics Premium Account?

Google products universe attract a lot of advertisers. Google Analytics Premium will create a better and seamless experience for them. Advertisers need to consolidate data from different sources; hence their effort will be less as this platform allows third-party support. Google 360 is perfectly suited for advertisers who have just begun their journeys. The focus on integration, easy navigation, and collaboration are quite useful features for smaller organizations. They won’t require a team with experience in troubleshooting and developing processes to solve these issues. 

If your organization wants to handle and draw value from the Google Analytics Premium account, it needs proper guidance from seasoned Data Analysts.

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