Vinculum: A Great Solution to Manage Your Inventory

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Posted On: 23 Feb, 2021
Last Updated On: 04 May, 2021

For online businesses, it is of paramount importance to automate the inventory system. Creating a cloud-based inventory system for management can help expand the number of customers at a seller’s online store.

Vinculum can help spread out the seller’s business in the e-commerce market. The necessary process is to put the inventory on a cloud, connect with various payment gateways.

A cloud-based system usually has multiple features that can help to manage the inventory. Vinculum is an inventory and order management system software that contains advanced features to manage every aspect of an online and brick-and-mortar business. 

If the inventory goods are lying around idle and underutilized, it could be one of the primary reasons for a business’s downfall. Vinculum identifies such products and provides solutions that could help sellers properly utilize goods.


Vinculum, a Platform for Centralized Order Management 

A centralized order management system helps to automate the manual processes in the organization, generate revenue. There are some important features of the Vinculum that are mentioned below.

  • It creates a centralized system for order management. In online business, customers’ orders can come from various sources, and it becomes difficult to track them down.
  • Vinculum creates a platform, a dashboard, where sellers’ orders appear at a single place, and it is easier to track and accept them.
  • It becomes easy to pick orders, get information about their packing and shipping from a single login.
  • The staff doesn’t have to separately log in to the seller’s panel to get work done. Vinculum is less complicated and more organized. Reports about the product’s journey can be easily tracked and printed in a document. 
  • Vinculum uses a real-time stock update method, which is a must; if the seller wishes to grow his business by multifold, then he must keep updating his inventory in real-time.
  • The software provides accurate data, and it makes a lot of difference as no opportunity will be lost while tracking sales.
  • The software has unique configurations for a channel dedicated inventory to reduce the cases of overselling. 
  • A payment transaction process completes when the seller receives the final payment for the sold product. There are numerous instances in online businesses when the customer decides to return the product.
  • It is crucial to initiate a refund on time. The refund process creates many complexities and delays in revenue collection;
  • Therefore, a payment reconciliation system is designed to handle such delays. 
  • In the e-retail business, Vinculum provides an automated catalogue system that contains many features and makes the user’s job easier. For example, it uses a ready-to-upload catalogue that reduces the manual uploading process.
  • It reduces the complexities of processing images for various market platforms. A seller can put his products online on multiple platforms in no time.
  •  He can easily manage, classify and put the products in the right category so that users can find the products under the correct list easily. 
  • Sellers also get the opportunity to launch memorable seasonal collection catalogues for various online platforms. 
  • While dealing with multichannel management of orders and returns, Vinculum helps to expand a seller’s business by properly managing orders, returns, tracking of the products, and final payment.  
  • It uses a single dashboard system for tracking all the charges as part of multichannel management. Big e-commerce giants like FlipkartAmazonShopifyPaytmMyntraand many other online sellers have used Vinculum to manage their inventory.

Vin E-retail: a Powerful Product of Vinculum 

Vin E-retail WMS is a cloud-based product developed by Vinculum with integrations of up to 150 leading web-stores. It is a Saas-based order management system designed for retailers, brands, marketplaces, and distributors.  

It is used globally by brands like Puma, RedTape, Bata. Some critical features of Vin E-retail are: Inventory Management, Order Tracking, Barcode Scanning, Order Entry, Catalogue Management, Point of Sale (pos), Multi-Currency, Account Integration, Inventory Tracking, E-commerce Integration, Multi-Company.   

Unicommerce: Another Solution for E-commerce Entrepreneurs 


Unicommerce is a cloud-based solution that helps e-commerce merchants sell their products in multiple e-markets through various channels. It streamlines the operations and manages all the merchants’ e-commerce issues while displaying and selling their products on multiple marketplaces.
Uniware is a pre-integrated product of Unicommerce, a SaaS-based solution to manage the operations of e-commerce businesses. Big e-commerce giants like Myntra, Snapdeal, Jabong, and 50 other companies use Unicommerce to manage their inventory and orders.
Essential features of Uniware are:
The omnichannel solution, Drop shipment solution, ERP integration, Multichannel inventory management, Warehouse management solution.

Inventory Management by Google Sheets

There are several cloud-based order and inventory management solutions with integration and other significant facilities offered by software companies available for selection. However, Google sheets provide fundamental inventory management pre-defined templates as well. These templates are: 

Reorder (auto-fill) – It raises the alarm automatically when the inventory reaches its minimum stock quantity. 

Inventory value – This critical feature shows the overall value of the inventory at one glance. The stock quantity is multiplied by the item cost to provide the product’s net worth in the list. 

Reorder level template – This template allows sellers to set the minimum stock quantity to serve the customers better. Once the minimum level in the inventory hits, sellers will receive an alert in the reorder column. It is an essential feature as it helps sellers remove an out-of-stock product from the website’s product listing page on time.  

Days per reorder – A Seller can set up the lead time of a product to track the time when he ordered for the product and the number of days that are left before the arrival of the product. 


Vinculum is a cloud-based inventory management system, and it helps to automate a company’s inventory, keep track of orders and manage them accordingly. 

Vinculum alerts the inventory management staff when the stocks are about to exhaust. It is essential that the company never runs out of stock and removes the item from the list of products on the company’s online portal if it is unavailable for some reason.

There are two prominent inventory management software: Vin e-retail wms, Uniware (a Vinculum product). This software is Saas-based solutions. 

Google sheets can also help to manage the inventory of a company. It provides pre-defined templates like Reorder, inventory value, reorders level, days per reorder.

Some of the essential features of Vin e-retail are: Inventory Management, Order Tracking, Barcode Scanning, Order Entry, Catalog Management, Point of Sale (POS), Multi-Currency, Account Integration, Inventory Tracking, E-commerce Integration, Multi-Company, and Omnichannel Solution, Drop-shipment Solution, ERP Integration, Multichannel Inventory Management, Warehouse Management Solution are essential features of Uniware

Companies have to make choices according to their budget, and they always wish to spend the budget on software that is easily manageable.

 A Company always look for software which their office staff can efficiently operate. Secondly, it could be integrated successfully with a company’s already installed software for managing the database without any hindrance. 

Hence, an efficient CRO team can guide companies to choose the best software according to budget and system requirements.

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