Insightly vs Pipedrive: Which CRM is Best for Your Business?

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Posted On: 08 Jun, 2021
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A CRM solution helps an enterprise establish communications and associations with consumers and prospects alike.  CRM software helps the business team stay on top of their tasks by centralizing all the data concerned with current and future customers. Most importantly, from a small SAAS based subscription model to a huge enterprise can easily install CRM software in their system. Through CRM software, a company keeps track of customer purchases, emails, calls, chats, and support tickets. The most important advantage of using a CRM solution is that it assists the sales team throughout acquiring a lead, converting it into a consumer, and availing other opportunities. So, Insightly vs Pipedrive comparison will help to provide clear objectives and define all sales opportunities. 

How to choose CRM software according to business needs? 

For choosing the right type of CRM software, businesses must follow specific rules.

  • First, identify the goals. Make a list of challenges that the company is currently facing. Example: Track Leads and Lead Activity, Track Customer Base, Track Opportunities and Closing Rates.  
  • Second, understand the implementation process. Whenever a company is shifting or introducing new software, there will be an implementation period. In this period, there will be training and testing of the system bugs, and finally, the company will install the most beneficial practices. 
  • Prepare For User Adoption: Salespeople believe that they are putting their positions in jeopardy by giving up their clients’ contact information. Thus, it is essential to involve the sales team during the CRM selection process. It will create a more secure environment, and salespeople will feel less threatened by a new system.     
  • Understand Product Mobility: Today’s world believes in mobility. Usually, a company’s sales team who travels a lot will probably use a wide range of mechanism, i.e., from phones to tablets to laptops, to access the company’s new CRM system. Hence, organizations must find tools that can be reached using a variety of web-enabled devices. 
  • Layout Your Processes: CRM tools designed with several business processes in mind. There is a diverse range of approaches used by individual/companies. That is not a negative aspect; this makes a specific enterprise different from its other competitors. The CRM we choose must be flexible enough to handle the in-house processes.  
  • Therefore, these methods will help businesses adapt to new changes and choose the appropriate CRM software. Lastly, a company must also keep in mind the number of clients, staff and the database it is maintaining before selecting the CRM software.  

Differences between Pipedrive and Insightly

Even though Pipedrive and Insightly work on similar lines, there are some essential differences between these two CRM tools. 

Specification: Insightly vs Pipedrive

As far as specifications are concerned, the following differences are as follows:

Pipedrive Insightly 
Pipedrive provides a platform that is simple and visual. Insightly has a more complicated and cluttered platform. 
Pipedrive doesn’t have the feature of advanced contact information. Insightly gathers all the contact information for the business team. 
Pipedrive lacks having a particular project tracking outside of sales. Insightly specification provides the same 
Pipedrive provides decent customer support numbers. The team has first to create an account in Insightly to access the customer services. 

Pros/Cons: Insightly vs Pipedrive

Pipedrive Pros 

  • This software provides an unobstructed and accessible platform for navigation. 
  • Pipedrive provides a beneficial product catalogue.   
  • A business team can operate the mobile app from anywhere in the world. 
  • A simple drag and drop tool helps to establish the pipelines.  
  • Reporting and forecasting are some of the essential features of Pipedrive.  
  • Users save their time with the help of automation. It is because the Pipedrive performs repetitive tasks with the use of artificial intelligence.  
  • It is best suited for around 500 users.  

Pipedrive Cons

  • Pipedrive is not suited for large-scale businesses which have complex functionality.  

Insightly Pros 

  • It is easy to collect and view customers’ data. Insightly provides a precise contact list. 
  • Insightly offers a feature where the whole process of the projects can be tracked from beginning to end.  
  • Displaying probability of conversion with potential leads.  
  • Insightly offers customization of apps, integration and fields for the business team.  
  • Reporting is easy to handle.  
  • The mobile app is used extensively with lots of features.  
  • This CRM software is best suited for 1000 plus users.  

Insightly Cons 

  • It takes users a while to understand the complicated platform due to its cluttered environment. 
  • It is a bit of a task to find the contact details of customer support.  

Pricing: Insightly vs Pipedrive

Pipedrive Pricing


The price starts from $12.5/mo/per user. The advanced version costs $24.90. The professional versions cost $49.90. And customised enterprise version costs $99. The prices can vary depending on the customization. Also, a free version is available.

Insightly Pricing 


The prices start from $29/mo/user (plus version), professional version costs $49/mo/user, and enterprise version costs $99/mo/user. And it has a free trial and a demo is available.

Use cases: Insightly vs Pipedrive 

Use cases of Pipedrive 

Let’s see some use cases where Pipedrive and Insightly is implemented and provided best their best services.  

360 payments is an online payment company that makes payment faster and secure. The application of Pipedrive helped this company to manage its in-house business operations. Lisa, the company’s CEO, believes that Pipedrive helped organize and align her team in a form. It enabled her to prioritize the workloads, efficiently manage the time, and get the team on the same page. Also, the company’s sales management believes that Pipedrive helped the CEO stay updated with the team’s day-to-day activities without constantly asking for updates. The reporting dashboard has a real-time update feature.

Etribez is associated with the entertainment industry and provides network broadcasting facilities, production management and online voting solutions. Pipedrive helped Etribez to increase its sales with proper management of in-house operations and marketing strategies. Also, Etribez, also generate a massive amount of data. Spreadsheets couldn’t manage the data. Secondly, it could have become way too expensive and time-consuming. Pipedrive helped to solve this issue and it also generates accurate reports and forecasts. In the beginning, the company used the basic plan which has simple features. Lastly, the simplicity of this tool allowed the sales team to provide stellar performance, and it increased the sales of the company.  

Use cases of Insightly 

  • Hurst Review is a Canada-based institute that helps students to pass nursing exams ( NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN) in the first attempt.  Before integrating Insightly, they were using Microsoft Dynamics for as long as ten years. The limitation of this CRM didn’t let the institute view their sales activity, utilize the customer data extensively, or develop any deep insight for their business.   They were totally dependent on the marketing team for guidance with customer outreach even after the leads went through the marketing funnel and transformed into leads. So Insightly addressed these issues and the professional service helped Hurst Review 25% of their valuable time to manage their data and operations and seamlessly integrated with the old system.  
  • Savanta is a data source company that has around 50-250 employees. It works for media firms,  M&A companies, and other consulting firms.   But with the growing data and operations company needed flexibility. And Insightly addressed the issue. The company’s primary challenge was that it needed a centralized repository of customer information that could speed up the sales, enhance transparency, improve in-house operations. Insightly helped Savanta to achieve its goals and eliminate the loopholes in the management and enhance the overall performance of the company.  

Insightly vs Pipedrive: Which one will you choose? 

An enterprise has to keep specific points in mind while choosing CRM software. First, it is crucial to identify the company’s challenges and loopholes in operations, wait for the implementation process to be over that includes testing bugs, and apply the best solution to the system. Secondly, it is vital to have sceptical salespeople during the CRM software selection process, providing them with a secure environment. Also, companies must choose according to the accessibility, number of clients, staff, and databases they are maintaining. So, one can safely conclude Pipedrive and Insightly are two such CRM software that helps to achieve business goals faster.  

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