Pros and Cons of Snowflake Data Warehouse

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Posted On: 05 Apr, 2020
Last Updated On: 06 Aug, 2021

The pros and cons of snowflake data warehouse are important to understand for anyone considering making an investment into a cloud data warehouse. Snowflake is one of the leading cloud data warehouse technologies in the market today.

Pros and cons of snowflake data warehouse

  • Server Capacity cedes to be an issue anymore. Traditional data warehouses require purchase and on-going maintenance and upgrades of expensive hardware. Snowflake data warehouse turns on in a few minutes and scales up or down automatically without requiring any manual intervention.
  • Storage Capacity is not an issue anymore, either. Snowflake runs on cloud-based blob storage which is not only inexpensive but also infinitely scalable and highly redundant. 
  • Performance Tuning: Snowflake completely handles performance Tuning on its own. The database is simple to use, and as long as users follow the published best practices around organizing data, they have a highly performant system in their midst. Snowflake does not require a DBA to be on staff full-time. 
  • Security features built into Snowflake data warehouse gives users powerful capabilities that are also easily configurable. Snowflake boasts a slew of security features including, but not limited to, IP whitelisting, two-factor authentication, federated authentication with SSO, AES 256 encryption, encryption of data-in-transit and at rest. 
  • Automated Replication ensures that disaster recovery is no longer an issue. Snowflake automatically replicates data across the availability zones or availability domains within a region and across regions. Snowflake design enables it to endure the loss of up to two data centres.
  • Software Maintenance, Patching, and Upgrades are a thing of the past. Snowflake fully maintains the entire infrastructure, including all the hardware components, and software components like OS, database software and all operations are transparent to the users.
  • Concurrency, Performance, and Scalability are no longer an issue. Clusters scale up or down automatically to support fluctuating demands of workloads or to support a sudden increase in the number of users. 
  • Pricing is also quite affordable. Snowflake offers a simplified pricing experience to users. A real pay per use model supports billing on a per-second basis. Users only pay for the storage that they use, and the computing power deployed to process a request. There are no upfront costs involved or extensive planning needed to get started with your data warehousing initiative. Clusters scale to process heavy workloads and scale back down to the pre-defined size automatically. Users get billed for the expanded capacity only for the duration of use. 
  • Multi-Cloud deployment choice for Snowflake makes it the only fully managed data warehouse that is available in multiple clouds while retaining the same user experience. Snowflake data warehouse meets its users where they are comfortable and by doing so, reduces the need to move data back and forth from their cloud environment to Snowflake over the internet. Snowflake is available on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.
  • Sharing and Collaboration features in Snowflake offer data owners capabilities to share their data with partners or other consumers without needing to creating a new copy of the data and subjecting themselves to increased risk exposure. The consumer of the data only pays for the processing of the data as there is no data movement involved and their storage is not utilized. Avoid the hassles involved in FTP or email by using native sharing features provided by Snowflake that you can invoke via native SQL.

Snowflake offers many advantages over the traditional on-premise based solutions like Oracle, IBM, Teradata and others by being innovative, nimble, and cost-effective. For organizations that are open to adopting cloud technologies, Snowflake offers a compelling data warehousing solution that you can trust with your data. 

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