Build a data warehouse with Daton and Google BigQuery for $200

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Posted On: 21 Nov, 2019
Last Updated On: 16 May, 2020

Does building a data warehouse with Daton and Google BigQuery for $200/mo sounds too good to be true? We wouldn’t blame you to think so. However, if you have an analyst who knows SQL or Python, the technology costs to operate a cloud data warehouse starts at about $200/mo. This significant drop in the cost of technology for cloud data warehouses can be attributed to the rise of public cloud services like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and others along with an intense competition in the space of data management from the likes of Snowflake, Oracle Autonomous DB, Amazon Redshift and others.

Businesses these days are gravitating more and more towards the best of breed applications to fulfill specific requirements of their various business groups and as a result, creating data siloes. A cloud data warehouse is the right antidote for companies that are serious about growth.

The fast-paced digital marketplace presently generates a lot of information. The major portion of this raw data obtained from various applications used by the business intelligence team.

Here are some examples of popular applications that support business functions:

AnalyticsGoogle AnalyticsMixpanelSnowplowHeap Analytics
AdvertisingFacebook AdsGoogle AdsPinterestTaboolaOutbrain
Email Marketing PlatformsKlaviyoMailChimpSendgridConstant Contact
Customer Support and EngagementIntercomFreshdeskFreshchatZendesk
ERP SystemsQuickbooksXeroNetSuite
DatabasesOracle, SQL Server, MySQL, IBM DB2, Mongo DB, etc.
FilesGoogle Sheets, Excel, CSV, JSON, Parquet, XML etc
CRMSalesforce, Freshsales, Pipedrive,

Why is a data warehouse required?

As businesses grow, the need for looking deeper into their data and finding room for efficiencies increases. All the relevant information needs to be collected and unified. Business leaders often rely on analysts to do this job. However, not empowering analysts with the tools they need to hone their craft often results in sub-par results. Analysts end up spending most of their time doing work that is not generating any business value. This work, more specifically, the job of data aggregation is easily automated and that too at a fraction of the cost of what you pay an analyst.  

Here is an sample scenario. 

Let’s say an analyst makes $5,000 a month and they spend 40% of their time on data gathering. Effectively, the business is spending $2,000 on data gathering every month. Compare that to the cost of Daton which starts at $150/Mo and eliminates entirely the efforts needed for data gathering. 

Imagine what else can an analyst do with the 40% of their time that they just got back by using Daton?

What is Google BigQuery?

A data warehousing solution is a perfect solution for automating data aggregation. A cloud data warehouse acts as the consolidated data store for your heterogeneous data, to automatically archive all of your data, and to make your information easily accessible for the team of analysts. Google Bigquery is one of the most popular DBaaS in the market today. It is a serverless, low-cost, fully-managed, and scalable enterprise data warehouse. What used to take months and hundreds of thousands of dollars until just a few years back only takes a few minutes and a few hundred dollars today. 

What is a ETL data pipeline?

In simple terms, an ETL data pipeline replicates data from a wide variety of sources to a desired destination like Google BigQuery. Watch the video below to get a quick look at how easy it is to use Daton and pipe data to a Google BigQuery data warehouse in a matter of minutes.

By leveraging Daton and Google BigQuery, analysts can completely eliminate the need for manual data gathering and focus their entire efforts on generating insights that can propel the business forward.

Sign up for a free trial of Daton and use this link to get free credits for Google BigQuery and kick-start your analytics practice today! If you have questions, our friendly data architects are here to clarify all of your questions.

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