How to find Freshdesk API Key?

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Posted On: 12 May, 2020
Last Updated On: 16 May, 2020

Follow the instructions below to create your Freshdesk API Key. This key can be leveraged in multiple ways, but one common use case for the Freshdesk API Key is to replicate data from Freshdesk to a cloud data warehouse. By gaining control of raw data from FreshDesk, analysts can perform a more in-depth reporting and analysis of Freshdesk data and find room for further efficiency.

Steps to retrieve Freshdesk API Key:

  1. Sign in to your Freshdesk account using your subdomain and login credentials.
  2. Click on the profile picture on the top right and select Profile Settings.
  3. Freshdesk API Key would be displayed on Profile Settings page
Navigate to Freshdesk API Keys
Freshdesk API Keys

If you are using Daton to replicate your FreshDesk data to a cloud data warehouse like snowflake, then this is the key that you will be using.

Read more about how you can replicate

  • Freshdesk Data to Google BigQuery easily
  • Freshdesk Data to Snowflake easily
  • Freshdesk Data to Amazon Redshift easily
  • Freshdesk Data to Oracle Autonomous DB easily

Read more about Freshsales API keys here.

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