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Posted On: 03 Aug, 2021

Looking to replicate Upscribe data into Amazon Redsh?

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Replicate Upscribe to Amazon Redshift in minute 

Do you want to transfer data from Upscribe to Amazon Redshift instantly? Here is an easy solution for this data migration process using an ETL tool: Daton.    

Upscribe is a powerful email marketing tool that helps websites like WordPress, Medium, and Squarespace to compose emails and newsletters for the audience. Upscribe doesn’t require any coding. However, if you want a more flexible and advanced analysis, reporting or dashboarding and overall better business performance, then quickly integrate your Upscribe data to a reliable data warehouse like Amazon Redshift.  It will help you to focus on crucial insights that matter to your company. Upscribe helps to build better customers relationship.  ETL tools like Daton will help transfer Upscribe data to Amazon Redshift seamlessly to analyze every aspect of your data. This article will talk about two main approaches to replicate Upscribe data to Amazon Redshift. So, you can select the most suitable approach for your business.  

Why integrate Upscribe to Amazon Redshift?

Marketers have various metrics to consider while assessing their email campaign performance. Therefore, they often search for ways to control their email marketing data completely. Replicating your Upscribe data to a robust data warehouse like Amazon Redshift is the correct step towards creating a single source of truth. This step will eliminate all the data silos and help you to get analytical insights from your data. As soon as you replicate your data to Redshift, you can consolidate Upscribe data with other marketing data sources. In this way, you can gain meaningful insights to enhance your email marketing efforts in future. 

Upscribe Overview

Upscribe is an email marketing tool that helps to advertise your product through emails. It enhances subscription growth, customer LTV, customer retention and lead generation. Upscribe is not just about managing sellers’ recurring orders. This email marketing tool enables sellers to grow their subscribers with the help of Campaign flows, Cohort builder and Cohort actions.  Upscribe provides extensible APIs that lets you fully customize the customer portal and connect to any third-party app.  

Amazon Redshift Overview  

Amazon Redshift is the most well-known data warehouse to provides a cloud-native, petabyte-scale service. The software offers a query engine for all users permitting SQL based querying. It also provides a host of business intelligence tools to connect with the service. Amazon Redshift is based on a scalable infrastructure. This data warehouse supports big data and massive workloads. Above all, the powerful management console enables connections from any SQL client. Amazon Redshift service also helps REST APIs permits developers to work in real-time with simple API calls. It is compatible with several Business Intelligence and visualization tools. 

How to replicate Upscribe to Amazon Redshift?   

You can replicate Upscribe to Amazon Redshift warehouse in two ways.  

Build a data pipeline    

This process consumes a lot of time and manpower and needs a much experience. In such a process, there are more chances of making errors. You need to extract data using Upscribe APIs & then connect it properly with the Amazon Redshift data warehouse.    

Use Daton to integrate Upscribe & Amazon Redshift   

Use Daton to integrate Upscribe & Amazon Redshift is the quickest and effortless method to save your efforts and time. Leveraging a cloud data pipeline like Daton most importantly accelerates and simplifies the time it takes to build automated reporting. Configuring data replication on Daton only takes a few minutes and a few clicks. You won’t require any code or manage any infrastructure, yet they can access their Upscribe data in a few hours.    

Daton is easy and simple to use. The interface permits analysts and developers to use UI elements to configure data replication from Upscribe data into Amazon Redshift.     

Daton takes care of:    

  • Authentication    
  • Rate limits,    
  • Sampling,    
  • Historical data load,    
  • Incremental data load,    
  • Table creation, deletion &reloads,    
  • Refreshing access tokens,    
  • Notifications    

And many more important features to help analysts so that they can focus more on data analysis rather than worry about the data migration.   

Steps to Integrate Upscribe with Daton   

  • Sign in to Daton     
  •  Select Upscribefrom the Integrations page    
  •  Provide Integration Name, Replication Frequency, and History. The integration name cannot be changed later as it would be used in creating tables for the integration.   
  • You will be redirected to the Upscribe login page for authorizing Daton to extract data periodically.   
  • Post successful authentication, you will be prompted to choose from the list of available Upscribe accounts    
  • Select the required tables from the available list of tables    
  • Then select all required fields for each table    
  • Submit the integration    

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Here are more reasons to explore Daton for Upscribe to Amazon Redshift Integration.    

  • Faster Integration of Upscribe to Amazon Redshift– Upscribe to Amazon Redshift is one of the integrations Daton can handle very fast and seamlessly. By following a few steps, you can easily connect Upscribe to Amazon Redshift.     
  • No Effort & Maintenance: Daton takes care of all the data replication processes and infrastructure automatically once you sign up for a Daton account and configure the data sources. You don’t need to manage any infrastructure or write codes.     
  • You get an incredibly friendly customer support team who ensure that you leave the data engineering to Daton and focus on analysis and insights.     
  • Daton is an Enterprise-grade data pipeline which you get at an unbeatable price to help your business become data-driven. Get started today for just $10 with a single integration and scale up as your demands increase.    
  • Robust Scheduling Options: allows you to schedule jobs based on their requirements using a simple configuration step.    
  • Daton supports popular cloud data warehouses like Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, PostgreSQL and more.    
  • Flexible loading options allows optimizing data loading behaviour to maximize storage utilization and ease of querying.    
  • Enterprise-grade encryption gives your peace of mind.    
  • Support for 100+ data sources: In addition to Upscribe, Daton can extract data from various resources like Databases, Sales and Marketing applications, Analytics and Payment platforms. Daton will ensure that all useful data can be transferred to Amazon Redshift for generating relevant insights.   

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