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What is Amazon Brand Registry 2.0
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Amazon Brand Registry Guide 2023

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If you’ve ever considered taking your small business to Amazon, you’re probably aware of the many brands you’ll have to compete with. A marketplace with as much opportunity as Amazon does competition. Amazon Brand Registry will provide enhanced control, customization, and maximum efficiency across the board, from operational efficiency to product placement on page listings. This bodes well for developing consumer-facing interfaces and user experiences in general.

According to Amazon SBM Impact Report (Amazon Small and Medium Businesses Impact Report), sellers in the USA recorded an average sale of $1,80,000, and over 7,000 products per minute are sold. Now the sales of Amazon products are showing an upward surge over time, and many sellers in the USA are considering trying Amazon’s marketplace to maximize their profits.

Although Amazon FBA is one of the most effective ways to increase sales and profitability, many sellers and companies face several challenges that will hinder their ability to market their products efficiently. Thus, the Amazon Brand Registry helps sellers register their brands and can have complete control over their creations.


What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry is a program designed for the business and sellers alike by helping them to enroll their brand with Amazon, allowing them to have access to the enhanced marketing tools and features of this platform and, most important thing is that they can have complete control over their brand.

Sellers can more easily identify and delete unlawful items when brand owners register their trademarks and logos in Amazon’s Brand Registry. Amazon, in the past, had no framework to offer strict policies to prevent counterfeiters from causing problems for their sellers. But now, Amazon Brand Registry acts as the brand protection program.

Under this program, brand owners can access a wide array of advanced tools to help them improve their businesses, protect their products, and offer an enhanced customer experience. Also, a number of useful features, like as search phrase reports and bulk product listing administration, are made available to companies through the Amazon Brand Registry.

Brand Registry has a team of dedicated professionals who can be contacted by the sellers of the registered brand in case they encounter counterfeiters or hijackers, listing alterations, and policy violations. In addition, different marketing programs, including Amazon Transparency Program, Enhanced Brand Content, etc., can be accessed by the sellers enrolled under the Amazon Brand Registry program.

Overall, Amazon Brand Registry is a crucial resource for anybody selling items on Amazon, as it may aid in the protection of the brand owner and the efficient management of the brand’s products and listings.

How is Amazon Brand Registry 2.0 Different?

Amazon Brand Registry 2.0 offers the following advantages-

  1. Unlocks various brand and seller-centric tools
  2. Provides unique access
  3. Provides access to proprietary text and image search
  4. Access to Amazon Predictive Analysis and automation
  5. Total control over product listings
  6. Proactive protection and support for brands
  7. Sellers can quickly search for brand violations.

What are some Amazon Brand Registry Benefits?

Over 130k businesses from across the world have registered their brands with Amazon, as per Amazon’s website. As a whole, they are now reporting 99% fewer infringements than they were before the Amazon Brand Registry was established.

Brand Registry offers several benefits for sellers-

Accurate representation of your Brand

By registering your brand with Amazon, you’ll have greater say over how it’s represented on Amazon’s platform, ensuring that your customers always have access to accurate information.

Easy Identification of Trademark Infringement

  • Rather of switching between several Amazon app screens, you can perform a global search right from your phone.
  • You may use Amazon’s image search feature to find listings for products that use your brand’s logo or other pictures.
  • Quickly locate and report potentially illegal content by searching a large list of item URLs or ASINs (and increase image thumbnails with this feature to identify infringers easier)
  • List view of goods’ average customer ratings, sorted to increase sales.
  • After doing your search, you can use the Amazon Brand Registry to submit a complaint of any suspected infringing activity for review and appropriate action by the Amazon platform.

Powerful Safety Measures

Brand Registry leverages the sellers’ brand information to offer extra security measures thataid in identifying and removing potentially dangerous product listings, on top of the regular safety methods Amazon uses to protect its customers.

The more information you give Amazon Brand Registry about your firm and intellectual property, the better they can help you safeguard your enterprise. For example-

  • Incorrectly listing items as belonging to your business sometimes involves using your words and trademarks in the item’s title, description, and detail page.
  • Logo-branded images, on the other hand, feature products without identifying your Amazon brand page.
  • Retailers who ship across nations where you do not manufacture or distribute your brand’s items.
  • When your whole product catalog is up on the marketplace, and you’ve earned everyone’s trust, only then will product listings be made available under your brand.

Free Tools for Brand Development

Once you have successfully registered in the Amazon Brand Registry program, you can have access to a few advanced tools that too free of cost. Here are some benefits that you can avail yourself of after registering in the program:

  • Access to the A+ Content
  • Access to the brand stores
  • Sponsored brands in the Amazon Advertising platform
  • Provides access to Amazon Posts
  • Accessing Amazon Live
  • Access to Amazon Vine
  • The Brand Dashboard
  • Protection of brands

Access to A+ Content

A+ Content is the best way using which you can show your brand on the product detail pages of Amazon. You can use customized modules, including charts, and lifestyle images, and add extra text to create rich and interactive content on the product pages. This feature of the Amazon Brand Registry program makes it easier for the vendors to show their brand’s unique value proposition, helping them stand out from their competitors.

Access to Brand Stores

After enrolling in the Amazon Brand Registry program, you can unlock the brand stores under the Amazon Advertising platform. A store is a page for the brand acting as the centralized place to show the product listings with informative descriptions and brand stories, driving awareness for the entire range of the products and attracting relevant traffic to the brand. In case you have a large array of products, then Amazon also allows you to create multiple pages like the category pages of a site.

Sponsored Brands in the Amazon Advertising Platform

Once your Brand Store has been launched, you can easily take advantage of the PPC advertising on the Amazon Advertising Platform. These advertisements will drive relevant customers to your e-commerce site, allowing cross-selling of the products. The Sponsored Brand features, including Sponsored Brand Videos and campaigns with product-related images, relevant content, and latest metrics, help the vendors know about their first-time customers and first-time sales.

Learn more about Amazon PPC Advertising.

Access to Amazon Posts

Amazon Posts is a feature that was launched in 2020 and can be used by the sellers after registering with Amazon Brand Registry. This acts as a feed like social media, allowing registered brands to create posts and as a result, attract the audience.

Access to Amazon Live

Amazon Live was launched in the year 2020 and will allow the vendors to establish online visibility of their brands in the crowded market of Amazon. Sellers can stream live videos to their customers and do product demonstrations, showcase their products, answer customers’ questions, and so on. Once the live stream is aired online, it can still be saved on the product details page and in Amazon Archives.

Access to Amazon Vine

Many sellers find it difficult to get momentum after launching their new products on Amazon. It is the positive reviews that help in pushing the product up, and thus, the sales rankings. Amazon vine which is available to the sellers registered under the Amazon Brand Registry program is a way to get positive and legitimate reviews for the products. Most renowned and trusted reviewers are invited by Amazon Vine to post their opinions about different products which will help the customers to make the right product-related decision.

Brand Dashboard

 Once you have been registered as the owner of the brand, you can have access to the advanced information and analytical tools provided by Amazon, which can be used further to frame the effective product-related strategy and thus, increase your sales. The Brand Dashboard will guide you in getting enough engagement for your product converting traffic and optimizing the products, and it also provides a concise view of the posted reviews about your products

Protection to the Brands

Amazon Brand Registry program was originally created to help businesses and sellers protect their products against counterfeiters and to have a better experience using Amazon. The main advantage of registering in the Amazon Brand Registry program is that sellers or businesses can have complete control over their product listings. Now registered vendors can have access to the professional team of Amazon and thus will be able to report the counterfeit or hijacking of their products.

How much does Amazon Brand Registry Cost?

Amazon Brand Registry is a free service. Participating in the program and using the Brand Registry services it provides is completely free. If a seller wants to register their trademark with Amazon,  trademark registration will cost about USD $500 for a decade of protection.

What is Amazon Brand Registry Enrolment Process?

Having registered your brand, you can now access your enhanced brand registry account.

Check Amazon Brand Registry Eligibility

Not every seller or company can avail themselves of the benefits offered by the Amazon Brand Registry. If you plan to enroll in this program, you must comply with the following requirements.

  • A valid trademark registration is required to participate. In addition to registering your trademark in each country where you want to sell your wares, you’ll need one if you plan on shipping them internationally. Either that, or you should have a trademark application pending through Amazon IP Accelerator. Any trademark application that is pending registration with any trademark office is acceptable. It is imperative that you choose the appropriate trademark registrar when submitting your application.
  • Logo of the brand and images for the products or packaging.
  • The list of product categories where the brand is to be listed.

Creating Amazon Brand Registry Account

After meeting the eligibility criteria specified by the Amazon Brand Registry program, it is time to create your account. The steps to create an Amazon Brand Registry account are as follows:

  • Use your vendor or seller credentials to sign into Amazon Brand Registry.
  • Next, provide the required legal or corporate details. (Brands must have a pending or registered and active text or image-based trademark).
  • Finally, validate the information through SMS.
  • Read all terms and conditions and click on the ‘accept’ button.
  • Next, click on the ‘save’ button.

Enrolling your Brand

Once your Amazon Brand Registry account is created, it is time to enroll your brand officially in the program. Here are the criteria you will have to follow to enroll your brand:

Brand Identification

Here, you need to provide all details, including the brand name and number of brand names to be registered, the logo of the brand, and packaging. Also, images of all your products, brand logos, packaging, websites, and social media will have to be uploaded.

Intellectual Property

To complete this step, you need to select the type of your trademark, the name of the trademark, the registration number, and the registration office. With the help of this information, Amazon will be able to protect your brand online.

Brand Information

In this section, you must fill in important information about your brand, including vendor’s account details, license details, manufacturing details, and the countries where you will be distributing your products.

How long does it take for a Seller Account to be Approved by Amazon Brand Registry?

If you’ve followed all the guidelines and filed all the necessary materials with your trademark registration application, the full process for registering your Amazon brand should take no more than two weeks. If you have submitted everything Amazon requests on the first try, you won’t have to wait long for your brand to be authorized.

It will be helpful to study the qualifying criteria and requirements in advance to make sure you don’t forget anything. This will make things easier for you and speed up the approval process. Affiliate programs with different companies are typically more simpler to obtain for internet businesses.

How to know if Brand Registry Enrolment was successful?

Once the registration process is successfully initiated with the Amazon Brand Registry program and due for approval, you can check the status of approval of your brand through some simple ways listed below:

  • Unique Identifier
  • Using Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)
  • Amazon Brand Registration Help

Unique Identifier

Once a unique identifier (the EAN, UPC, etc.) (European Article Number, Universal Product Code) is seen by you on your products, it is confirmed that your Amazon Brand Registry process was successful. If you are the only individual who is selling any unique product, then in such a case, the Global Catalog identifiers are assigned by Amazon.

In case you see ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) on the products, then it implies that your brand is yet to be approved by Amazon. Tracking these identifiers is essential.

Learn more about Amazon ASIN.

Using Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

In case you are denied EBC, it implies that your brand is yet to be approved by Amazon for different reasons. So, just try to make your brand profile interesting and engaging and see if it becomes possible to make any progress.

Amazon Brand Registration Support

If you are curious about your brand’s approval, then the easier way is to call the Amazon Service Center. The customer care representative will easily tell you if your brand has been registered with Amazon.

Can I sell on Amazon without Brand Registry?

Selling on Amazon without Brand Registry is possible. In spite of Amazon’s trademark registration requirements, several firms have set up shop there. The benefits of registering your Amazon brand are vast, so there’s really no excuse not to. However, many successful Amazon businesses don’t even use Amazon Brand Registry program, proving that you don’t need to be listed there to have a successful multichannel online business.


How to activate Amazon Brand Registry?

Enrolling in the Amazon Brand Registry is the primary ordeal in the process. To complete the registration procesaccessts listed on Amazonarectivainareg the Amazon Brand Registry for all your products is essential.

It happens because one might have signed up using a different method, including the ManIn ddition, theIn addition, thecturer’s part number, UPC, catalog number, etc.

To check this, you can use the menu option Reports > Business reports > Brand Performance.

If you come across the ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) listed out there, it signifies that they are actively registered for the Amazon Brand Registry program. But if no product is listed, you will have to update them partially using the UPC code, MPN Number, and catalog Number.


Protecting your brand when working with Amazon is the topmost priority. Registering your brand under the Amazon Brand Registry Program will protect your products against counterfeiters, hijackers, and other violators and provide you with access to numerous tools, thereby helping you in increasing your sales and revenue. With increase in sales, their data needs increases with them. That is where we, Saras, can help with our eCommerce-focused Data pipeline (Daton) and custom ML and AI solutions to ensure you always have the correct data at the right time. Request a demo and envision how reporting is supercharged with a 360° view.

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