Integrate Upscribe data with a cloud data warehouse

Upscribe is an email marketing tool, and it is effortless to use. It helps send email newsletters, drip campaigns and assemble subscribers with embeddable opt-in forms. A user doesn’t need to write any coding to collect subscribers on WordPress, Squarespace, Medium, and more. With newsletters, it keeps readers engaged and updated. Users also get to add incentives like discount codes, free ebooks, or an embedded video to influence the audience to subscribe. Several brands like Athletic Greens, Dropps, Mary Ruths, True Botanicals, Ursa Major, Farmacy use Upscribe to grow their subscribers. Four Sigmatic is a brand that grew its online sales revenue by 70 per cent with Upscribe. Hence, if you wish to grow your business by multiple times then Upscribe is the best tool for email marketing campaigns.

Our Upscribe connector enables you to pull the data to the data warehouse of your preference with the help of cloud service, which is entirely manageable. You can make sound business decisions as your entire data will be in a centralized place. The customizable, detailed dashboards will allow you to effortlessly measure, analyze, and compare complex data, which are the guiding factors for well-informed business decisions. You will not have to deal with API calls and scheduling issues anymore; Daton always ensures that your data is ready for use whenever and wherever needed.

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Click the link below for a detailed documentation on how to get started with replicating your Upscribe data.

Upscribe documentation

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