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Know When Tags are Broken - Automatically

Consistent monitoring is the only way to ensure reliable user and marketing activity data in your analytics systems. Find out when your tags are broken and fix them before you lose more revenue.

  • Why is Tag Monitoring Important?
  • Our Approach

Why is Tag Monitoring Important?

Platform upgrades, platform changes, code changes, browser upgrades are just some reasons for why your tags need constant attention because any of these changes can break your tags. In addition to this, every marketing platform you add to your marketing stack or every new campaign that you run adds another layer of tagging to your site. At any point in time, your tags can break and go unnoticed for a long time. Tagging is critical to capture information about your users for use in marketing and conversion optimization.

Our Approach to Ensuring Healthy data Foundation

Step 1 - Continuous Monitoring

Our robust automated error monitoring process ensures no tag issues go unnoticed. Our analysts assess these errors and communicate with you on the changes that are needed to remedy the problem.

Step 2 - Business Rules

Are you adding a new marketing channel? A new partner? New landing page? Changing your subscription provider? These types of changes happen in a business often and have an impact on tagging. Our analysts help you determine the tagging plan and the data that needs to be captured.

Step 3 - Tag Maintenance and Improvement

We use GTM to manage all tagging activity on your site. Our analysts implement the tagging that is needed to capture essential data as business rules, website, marketing, and platforms change. Once our analysts receive an alert from our automated error monitoring, they proceed to take timely remedial measures working in tandem with you.

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