Build And Own Your Amazon Analytics And Reporting Solutions

Trusted By Some Of The Largest Agencies & Aggregators

Agencies And Aggregators Feel That The Biggest Barrier To Their Growth Is The Time Spent On Data Gathering And Manual Reporting

    1. Too Many Data Silos To Manage
    1. Marketplace Connectors Are Challenging To Build
    1. Data Teams Are Expensive To Maintain
    1. Customer Expectations Not Met
    1. Same Team, More Customers
    1. Single Pane Of Glass For All Data Needs
    1. No Code, Fully Automated Solution
    1. Access To A Data-Team-In-A-Box
    1. Fully Managed Solution Driving Customer And Employee Satisfaction
  • For Agencies, We Have Created Fully Interactive Sample Custom Analytics Dashboards That Can Be Hosted As A Proprietary Tool

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    How It Works For Agencies


     Daton Key Features

      Access to 100+ Data Sources

      Best E-commerce Data Pipeline Utilized By 100+ Amazon Aggregators And Agencies

      Move Data Into Your Warehouse Without Any Code

      Complete Ownership Of Raw Data

    Solution Features

      Flexibility Over Entire Data Stack (Data Warehouse & BI Tool)

      Fully Owned And Customizable Dashboards

          P&L Report

          Sales Reports

          Marketing Reports

          Logistics Reports

      Separate Dashboards For Each Client And Internal Employees

      Go Beyond For Your Customers With Predictive Analytics

          Sales Forecasting Models

          Anomaly Detection Models


      Pivot Your Data & Reporting From A Cost Center To A Profit Center

      Wow Your Potential Customers Using Automated Growth Potential Audits & Close Deals Faster

      Client Delivery
      Relieve Your Team From Manual Reporting And Enable Them To Focus On Growth Insights

      Data & Product
      Drive Data Initiatives With Limited Support From Engineering Teams

      Free Up Your Engineering Bandwidth From Operational Data Engineering Projects To Growth Oriented Software Development Projects

      Gain Real Time Visibility Into Revenue From Each Customer For The Agency To Manage Finances Better

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q. Where will the data ownership lie?
    A. Data will reside in the data warehouse owned by the agency. We will use your preferred data warehouse and BI tool for building the reporting.
    Q. Can the solution be embedded into our website?
    A. Yes, the dashboards can be embedded into your website with user-access management.
    Q. Can each client get a separate dashboard with only their data?
    A. Yes, each client will have their own dashboard
    Q. Does the solution provide Business reports and Vendor central report which are not part of Amazon APIs?
    A. Yes, we have a robotic process automation solution to pull data from Business reports and Vendor Central reports
    Q. Can we get a dashboard with all clients for our internal teams?
    A. Yes, with the raw consolidated data in the Data warehouse any customization of the reports is possible
    Q. Will we have the option to customize the solution?
    A. Yes, with the raw data in the Data warehouse any customization of the reports is possible.
    Q. What is the process and effort to add a new customer to the solution?
    A. Once the solution is setup, adding reporting for a new brand would entail configuring the new brand in Daton
    Q. Can the dashboard be downloaded into a PDF to be shared with the client?
    A. Yes, downloading the dashboards into a PDF is a common feature in BI tools
    Q. Do you offer services to manage our entire reporting and analytics function?
    A. Yes, many agencies and aggregators use us as their Data team to manage all data and analytics operations
    Q. Can this solution be extended to automate workflows for Pricing Optimization, Inventory Optimization etc?
    A. Yes, Cloud Data warehouse make it relatively easy to push data back to Amazon or other marketplaces for workflows automation with the help of software engineers