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Your Business Can’t Afford Bad Analytics Data

Poor quality analytics data not only costs you money, but it could slow your growth. Leverage our managed analytics tagging and monitoring service designed for eCommerce brands and online businesses and take decisions based on reliable analytics data.

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  • Do You Have Reliable Analytics Data?​
  • Building a Data Foundation ​
  • User and Marketing Event Tracking
  • Tag Monitoring and Resolution ​

Do You Have Reliable Analytics Data?

Each brand is unique, their website is unique, their goals are unique, and their customer base is unique. A one-size-fits-all approach to foundation building neither works for your home, nor does it work for the data foundation of your eCommerce brand website.

Analytics data serves as a critical input to any marketing and eCommerce revenue optimization exercise. Our Google Analytics audit helps marketers and eCommerce product managers to understand current gaps in their Google Analytics implementation so that steps can be taken to improve their most critical data, i.e., analytics data.

90% of Google Analytics setups are incomplete or broken. We ensure you are not one of them.

Building a Data Foundation

Are you trying to understand the impact of your marketing campaigns?

Are you trying to understand why your conversions are low?

Are you unable to segment your traffic to understand their behaviour?

Are you not satisfied with the ROI from marketing campaigns?

Are you trying to arrest drop-offs from key funnel stages?

The answers to all these questions and more are hidden in your analytics data. Ensuring that your analytics data is comprehensive, curated, and credible gives you complete clarity and absolute confidence in your data.

We build and maintain a robust analytics data foundation for your business.

User and Marketing Event Tracking

Tagging issues on the website have a revenue impact. They reduce outcomes from marketing campaigns and prevent efficient eCommerce product optimization. Using a conversion optimization tool is not enough to deliver on the growth expectations because these tools lack business context despite many lofty claims made. As a marketer and as a product manager, you know your business better than any tool in the market today, and you need to know your users better to make more informed decisions.

Tracking user behaviour and marketing activity in your analytics systems and leveraging insights from that data to optimize website and marketing efforts ALWAYS gives you the best chance to reach the ultimate potential of your brand.

We put the right data in your hands and uncover cost savings and increased revenue.

Tag Monitoring and Resolution

Data fuels the growth of every business, and sources of this data are always growing. ECommerce businesses and their brand websites are changing faster than before. Every business needs to stay on top of these changes, anticipate potential challenges, respond to these challenges proactively and with total confidence. For this, key decision-makers need access to comprehensive, curated, and credible data. However, getting that data isn’t always easy; in fact, it requires a continuous effort and a competent team to deliver this data to you.

Our service ensures that the trust in your analytics data is never broken.