Tips to Cater to Non-Essentials Online Demand

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Posted On: 21 May, 2020
Last Updated On: 14 Jul, 2020

With the country’s various parts coming to relaxation, people have started resuming non-essential purchases. Having said that, businesses which address customer’s demands should do their bit by consciously projecting their updated image alongside exhibiting social responsibility.

An immediate and important step for the businesses is to evaluate their best-selling categories and products which are known to have had higher demand in the past and stock-up sufficiently to be able to meet the expected demand. But with the way various businesses are reacting to the situation, doing just internal research isnt going to cut-it. 

Many executives have taken the agile route to redefine and reposition their brands within a short span and are successfully projecting an image that they are quickly adapting to the situation. This process not only communicates the eagerness of the brand to address the customers’ requirements but also its ability to do so without an elaborate plan or process.

Though re-inventing the brand’s image isnt necessarily possible for every industry, the e-retail buying experience from customers’ expectations should atleast be addressed in order to stay relevant. With every e-retailer making continuous innovations to make the online purchase process easy (by increasing the payment options, or reducing the details that need to be filled during checkout), they are only raising the bar further. Customers, having experienced this ease, inturn expect the same quality across the board.

Below are some of the steps which can be implemented to ease out the customer buying experience:

  • Allowing the customers to Checkout through Social Logins
  • Increasing the Payment Gateway options to the ones which are widely in use at the moment
  • Partnering with complimentary/supplementary Brands with regards to supply chain to cater to the customer
  • Promptly and continuously communicating the Delivery ETA
  • Establishing and communicating the safety measures taken all through the delivery process

These are some options which when provided not only smoothen the shopping experience for the customer but also foster the customer brand association. Executives who constantly revive their brand position and customer experience will see higher engagement and loyalty from their customers and greater brand success. 

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