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10 Useful Tips to Optimize Amazon Ads
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10 Useful Tips to Optimize Amazon Ads

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Before learning the useful tips to optimize Amazon Ads, let us see why amazon ads are popular among merchants.

Competition on Amazon has been heated up in the last few years. Many sellers end up selling the same or similar products. So, unless the sellers put in a lot of thought and effort, the revenues will not start flowing. Advertising on Amazon is one such way in which sellers try to edge past their competition. Advertising on Google or any social media platform appears like a better idea as they have more viewership. Just the fact that the audience has more buying intent on Amazon makes Amazon Ads have higher conversion rates.

10 Useful Tips to Optimize Amazon Ads

The advertising business of Amazon is becoming more and more competitive than before. The growth is faster and proving tough for most of the sellers. Therefore, to outrank your competitors in aspects such as sales and brand value, utilizing the right strategy is essential. The following are a few useful tips to optimize your Amazon Ads:

  • Build brand awareness with Sponsored Brands – Sponsored Brands are ideal for high intent audiences. Pair those with category keywords or branded searches to build Brand recognition.
  • Focus on the product-level profitability – Try to understand gross profit on a product level before introducing paid advertising into the media mix as individual SKUs have different profit margins.
  • Eliminate unwanted search queries to reduce costs – Search queries in Amazon vary from the keywords you have entered according to match type.
  • Use category-specific targeting for Sponsored Products – category-specific targeting to target similar brands and products to capitalize on those searches.
  • Use negative keywords to reduce wasteful ad spend – Negative keywords are generally excluded from a larger keyword search so that you do not rank in the wrong search terms.
  • Have a flexible Advertising Cost of Sale goal – Lower your advertising costs, especially for your best-selling products.
  • Use auto campaigns – Auto campaigns can be used to discover search terms that are converting and add those terms as keywords in your manual campaigns.
  • Start bidding on new keywords with a higher price – A higher CPC bid price is to be placed for a new keyword to generate initial traffic.
  • Track your PPC spend based on product performance – Target for the maximum number of sales with an ad group with the highest product performance. Products with poor performance can slowly be removed from the ad group.
  • Structure your campaigns consistently – It is very important to be consistent with the organizational method that is used for all the campaigns. Changing the organizational structure could lead to repeat ads.

How Daton Help you to get the most out of Amazon Ads

Not only does the Amazon Ads platform provide an excellent way to protect your products from advertisement but also generates a large amount of relevant data like:

  • Biddable Keywords
  • Product ad campaign details
  • Brand Negative Keywords
  • Country
  • Currency used
  • Store details

Amazon advertisers can take the help of data analytics to automatically optimize keywords and campaigns to increase conversion rates. Top Advertisers take into account the sales, and advertising data along with external market trends to solve fundamental challenges, such as determining the profitability of each product, measuring advertising performance, and discovering how pricing strategies and inventory management affect sales performance. Moreover, if you are selling in multiple countries on Amazon, then you would have different accounts for each country generating their own data sets. So it will be challenging to analyze the entire business across all countries if all that data is not consolidated in a single place and then analyzed. This is where Daton comes in. Daton is a highly automated data pipeline that is developed to seamlessly extract all the relevant Data from Amazon Ads and various other data sources then consolidate and store it in the data warehouse of your choice for more effective analysis. The best part is that you can use Daton without the need for any coding experience

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