Simplifying Reporting and Analytics.

Out of the box reporting for performance marketing.


Reporting Solutions.

Back Story

Our relentless obsession to improving conversion rates for our clients makes us validate 100's of hypotheses each week with across various verticals. As a result of these efforts, we tend to generate a lot of queries and insights that we decided to automate and make available to any of our customers at a fraction of the time and effort it would normally take to build these reports. This lead to the incubation of our reporting solutions.

User behaviour across website

Reports to track performance of key components of the website, includes banner, navigation, search, checkout performance and many more.

Marketing Analytics

Reports to improve ROI from marketing investments, includes automated ROAS, CAC across marketing channels and many more.

Customer Analytics

Reports to help marketers drive customer retention and increase CLTV, includes inbuilt customer segments, CLTV, repeat purchase and many more.

Sales & Merchandising Performance

Reports to track sales performance against the business targets, including, inbuilt product segmentation based on sales, attributes and many other dimensions.

Operational Performance Reports

Reports to improve operations efficiency and customer satisfaction, includes inventory turnover reports and post-purchase KPIs that impact.


Machine Learning Solutions

Saras Analytics provides end-to-end data management, data visualization, and performance measurement solutions to deliver a single source of truth for you to understand performance across the present state of your business.

Lifetime Value Prediction

Lifetime value (LTV) analysis provides insight into the average expected LTV of a customer with a specific characteristic and in a certain stage of the customer life cycle. Identifying the attributes associated with your most valuable customers can help marketing teams drive targeted marketing campaigns to generate higher returns and reduce the risk of churn.

Customer Segmentation

Capturing customer attention has become a huge challenge for marketers as consumers are constantly bombarded with ads, emails, messages, and more. We help customers ensure that their messaging hits the mark every time.

Churn Prediction

Retaining existing customers is very crucial for a business, as the acquisition of new customers ends up being many times more expensive. We help you understand the leading indicators of churn and mitigate it.

Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting is crucial for almost any business, because it affects sales deployment, financial planning, budgeting, operations planning, and marketing planning. Since sales forecasts have far-reaching impact, it is critical that the forecast information is as accurate as possible.

Inventory Optimization

Getting your inventory levels right saves business a lot of capital in the long run. Analyzing past demand and placing it in the context of the current business environment is a great way to understand how optimal inventory levels can be maintained. Contact us to know how we can help.

Media Mix Modelling

Understanding the impact of marketing on various channels is an important step in fine-tuning marketing strategies. Often times, due to complexity involved and skills required to perform this activity, businesses tend to not invest in it. We have made it easy. Contact us to know how.