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BI Development As a Service

Struggling to get a hold on excel sheets and are looking for help building reports and customizing them as your business changes? Our BI Development as a Service is an on-demand service that you can leverage any time to automate reporting tasks and have your data ready without any more manual effort.

Our services include

Data Modeling

Data modeling is the process of cleansing, de-normalizing, aggregating and preparing the data for various reporting and analytics activities.

Reporting and Dashboarding

Business change and often times, reports have to change to reflect the change in businesses conditions. We help business to get a handle on their reporting needs by building reports on dashboards using your favourite BI tools.


Custom ETL Development

Looking for help pushing data from an application or a database or spreadsheets into your warehouse? We have you covered.

Our services include

Dropbox and Google Drive

Receive data files from vendors periodically and automate that data to be loaded into a warehouse.

Custom Applications and Databases

Businesses often have legacy applications or homegrown applications with important business data. We make it easy for you to push data from these into a warehouse.


Analyst as a Service

Marketers these days spend a lot of money on various advertising channels that bring traffic and attention to the product they are pushing. This spend results in a lot of data spread across various systems. Some of these data are noise, and some of them is meaningful. Looking for a signal in the noise in order to use it to improve marketing efficiency is a challenge that a lot of marketers face.

Our Analyst as a Service is designed to address this challenge by allowing our customers to hire talented and seasoned data scientists and analysts on a need basis.

Trying to find out

How to improve conversion rates?

How to improve ROAS?

How to improve customer retention?

Why your sales dropped in the last week?

Who your best customers are and why they buy from you?

Which new customers have the highest lifetime potential?

Is my product sequencing correct?

What is the right pricing for my product?

What LTV is my marketing generating?

What lift is my marketing giving my business?

How to design your promotions to get optimum returns?