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How Some Sellers Are Getting More Out of Amazon Ads

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With the technological boom in the last couple of decades, millions of people now have regular access to the internet. Ecommerce or, the sales and purchase of goods and services have become commonplace. One such company has made it big, riding the e-commerce wave. Amazon, is arguably the biggest e-commerce website in the world, and Amazon Ads caters to millions of sellers and buyers worldwide, stacking up thousands of transactions every second.

Why Are More Sellers Advertising On Amazon

With so many sellers, selling the same or similar products, competition on amazon is at an all-time high. So much so that unless the sellers put in a lot of thought and effort, the revenues won’t start flowing. Advertising on Amazon Ads is one such way in which sellers try to edge past the competition. Although advertising on Google or any social media platform seems like a better idea as they have more viewership, there are a few reasons why amazon ads give better ROIs.

  • On Amazon, the purchasing intent of the audiences is high as they are already on amazon thinking about purchasing a product when they see your ads. So conversion rates are higher, leading to better ROIs.
  • Amazon has a lot more data to offer you, using which you can optimize your ads budget product-wise and also target the audience who has the highest probability to purchase.
  • Amazon can provide you with the sales trends of your products, helping you to plan your campaign and optimize it further. Tools are even available that help you get an insight into your competitors’ activities.
  • Amazon can help you understand a target audience more accurately as it has actual purchase data, whereas on other platforms you are dependent on clicks and user behavior patterns rather than actual purchase data.

Data Generated From Amazon Ads Can Actually Increase Your Profits

Not only does the Amazon Ads platform provide an excellent way to protect your products for advertisement but also generates a large amount of relevant data like:

  • Biddable Keywords
  • Product ad campaign details
  • Brand Negative Keywords
  • Country
  • Currency used
  • Store details

Amazon advertisers can take the help of data analytics to better optimize keywords and campaigns to increase conversion rates. Top Advertisers take into account the sales, and advertising data along with external market trends to solve fundamental challenges, such as determining the profitability of each product, measuring advertising performance, and discovering how pricing strategies and inventory management affect sales performance.


How You Can Get Better ROIs Out Of Amazon Ads

Selling on Amazon can really prove to be an impactful marketing strategy for sellers and eCommerce brands. Although Google, Facebook, Youtube, and other social media sites have more audience and thus more viewership of your ads, they are better suited for creating a brand or product awareness. Amazon ads, on the other hand, are your best option when it comes to sheer conversions and ROIs as the audiences are high intent and further down the conversion funnel.

So ideally you should invest in various platforms along with Amazon ads, as you need to advertise to audiences on all the steps in your conversion funnel and it is essential to identify the target audience. It thus becomes important to make the most out of your sales, user behavior, and Ad campaign data on amazon, as well as from other data sources like Google, social media sites, email campaigns, and even your website. This is to understand your audience better so that you can optimize your ad campaigns and get better ROIs.

Moreover, if you are selling in multiple countries on Amazon, then you would have different accounts for each country generating their own data sets. So it will be challenging to analyze the entire business across all countries if all that data is not consolidated in a single place and then analyzed. It thus becomes necessary to consolidate all of this data coming from various sources to get some meaningful insights, which would help you optimize your ad spend further.


How do Sellers Use Daton To Optimize Their Amazon Ad Campaigns

Daton is an effective data pipeline that seamlessly extracts Data from various digital ad platforms such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, Shopify, Salesforce, Zoho, Zendesk and other popular apps and services you might be using. These will give you meaningful data, then consolidate and store the data in the data warehouse of your choice for more effective analysis. The best part is that you can use Daton without the need for any coding experience. Click Here to set up Daton now and get up and running in minutes.

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