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Business Intelligence and Visualization Services

Data is the new oil. Take steps today to maximize the benefit from your data to stay competitive in the marketplace or gain an advantage over your competition. Enable your analysts to focus on insights instead of on data preparation by supporting them with a data infrastructure that is robust, scalable, comprehensive, and automated. Never spend another minute on manual reporting.


Data Consolidation and Data Warehousing

Relying on a data warehouse is the best way for a company to build out its reporting and analytics capability. A well-architected centralized data store can reduce many redundancies and set up a business for success when used correctly. There are many choices of data warehouses and the deployment of these data warehouses today.

If you already have a data warehouse and you are trying to extend it, or you are trying to build a new one, we can help you.

  • Not sure what data warehouse if the right fit for you?
  • Are you confused by the pricing of these data warehouse services?
  • Unsure what is the best way to populate data in the data warehouse?
  • Are you concerned about the maintenance of the data warehouse?
  • Cloud data warehouse price is going up, and you are not sure why?
  • Running an on-prem data warehouse and considering a move to the cloud?
  • Are you considering a cloud data warehouse for some of your analytics workloads as a pilot?

Talk to our experts today about your data management issues.

Unified Customer Profile

Understanding and creating a unified customer profile is one of the most pressing issues for many businesses. The problem exacerbates due to the siloed nature of data capture. For instance

Analytics Tools:
Stores data of a customer’s behavior on a digital site Tools: Google Analytics, Tealium, Omniture, and others.

Customer Support Software:
Stores data about the issues customers have experience with the business, whether that is a bad shopping experience, a delayed delivery, a rude employee encounter, or anything else.
Tools: Zendesk, FreshDesk, Salesforce Desk, and others.

Customer Engagement Chat:
Customers who visit websites may sometimes interact with customer service, sales, or marketing departments using the on-site chat functionality.
Tools: Intercom, Zendesk Chat, Freshchat, and others.

There are many touchpoints like these across the enterprise. Unless these touchpoints are consolidated, understanding the overall customer experience with the business is challenging.

Consolidate your customer data and start creating seamless experiences for your customers.


Unified Sales and Product Data

For companies that do business online and offline, their sales data resides in many systems. Take, for instance, a seller of cosmetics. They are likely selling on Amazon, on their own branded site, in their retail outlets, as well as in big box stores like Macy's. Multi channels presence is a necessity for many businesses.

With sales data captured in so many systems, how do you report and analyze the data effectively? Do you ask one of your analysts or administrators to compile a sales report and share with you each week? How frequently do you get access to sales data? How would your decision-making change if this data were to be made available to you in real-time in any device you use?

Allow us to build your unified sales data sets so that you stay on top of your business at all times.

Data Modeling

A vital component of any analytics or business intelligence exercise is the consolidation of data from disparate systems and the creation of queryable datasets. With the advent of cloud and SaaS applications, it is ubiquitous these days for companies to have data residing in multiple systems. Unless this data is unified, it is challenging to get a comprehensive understanding of customers, products, sales, marketing performance, and much more.

The essence of data modeling is to ensure that reliable data sets are developed and maintained on an ongoing basis to enable business users and analysts alike to leverage these data sets and generate insights to drive business growth. We bring our considerable skills in this area to set you up for success.


Dashboard Modernization and Migration

  • Have you outgrown your current BI tool?
  • Has your implementation of the BI tool hit a roadblock?
  • Have you uncovered additional requirements that your current BI tool doesn’t support?

Businesses adopt new technologies from time to time, and BI technologies are no different. Contact us today for consultation and migration assistance from your existing BI stack to a more appropriate solution that fits your business requirements.

Our BI developers and architects are certified and have extensive experience in BI tools like Looker, Tableau, PowerBI, Oracle Analytics Cloud, and others.

Automated Reports and Dashboards

Do these situations resonate with you?

  • Are you downloading reports daily from different applications for your reporting needs?
  • Are you a business user, and manual reporting is still a significant part of your work?
  • Are you a marketer, and you are compiling marketing performance reports manually?
  • Are you an analyst and manual reporting still a significant part of your work?
  • Are you a decision-maker, and your teams are scrambling to compile together spreadsheets for data you requested and delivering them to your inbox?
  • Does your IT team have a large backlog, and they cannot take up your data request at this time?
  • You make a data request, and you have to wait a few days to get the data? Do you wish you had this data instantly accessible?
  • You are missing out on important events in the business because you don't have access to near real-time data?
  • Are you writing your scripts to download data from various cloud systems?

Whether you have a centralized data warehouse or not, we can help you automate your reports and dashboards. Our experts can assist you throughout the journey from requirements gathering and analysis to implementation, testing, and roll out.

Reclaim your time, and increase productivity by automating reporting and dashboarding at your business.