eCommerce event tagging

Tagging issues have a revenue impact. It is a proven fact! Track user behaviour and marketing activity and leverage that data to optimize website and marketing efforts.

We’ve audited and improved the foundations for 100s of eCommerce websites

What are user behaviour tags?

Users who visit your site leave a trail of activity behind for you to review, analyse, and optimize. Well, not if you have not explicitly configured your systems to capture this data and the context in which the data is created. Listed below are just some examples of user behaviour tags that can be captured and used to improve conversions on your site.

  • Coupon application
  • Images of products viewed
  • Engagement with product variant selectors
  • Clicking on a banner image
  • Checking out reviews on the site
  • Scroll tracking to understand engagement
  • And many more!

What are marketing tags?

  • Marketing tags contain important contextual information that a marketing platform can utilize to run campaigns. Information may include product details, inventory availability, variant details, subscription duration, and many other key metrics that when passed can really uplift your marketing performance.
  • For example, for a subscription business, a customer who subscribes for a 3-month subscription plan need not be targeted with FB ads for the same product because they already are a subscriber. But, how would FB know that the customer is on a 3-month subscription plan if we don’t share this information in the marketing tag?
  • There are many use cases like the one mentioned above that can really transform your marketing results.

What is the impact of broken tags?

  • Tags play a critical role in optimizing marketing campaigns and conversions on your eCommerce site. A broken tagging engine can lead to revenue losses due to
    • Ineffective campaigns
    • Incorrect products advertised in remarketing campaigns
    • Inaccurate attribution
    • Ineffective audience segmentation
    • Incorrect reporting
    • Inadequate information sent to marketing platforms
    • Missed optimization opportunities on campaigns
    • Missed optimization opportunities on the site
  • Inadequate tagging on your site also impacts decision making because campaign performance cannot be accurately measured. This can be detrimental to a growing business.

How do you limit broken tags?

  • Consistent oversight is the only way to ensure your digital foundations, i.e. digital analytics data and tags, are relevant and capture essential data.
  • As your trusted analytics partner, we ensure that your tags stay relevant despite changes in your business, marketing, or website.

We can also help you use this data to improve conversions on your site.