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Stop losing your marketing dollars to a sub-optimal user experience.


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Why is conversion optimization necessary?

incremental revenue

Generate additional revenue for the same amount of money spent on marketing.

Create a great
user experience

Design an exceptional user experience for your customers backed by data and insights.

Customer Drop-Offs

Understand where your website is leaking users and take remedial actions to get them taking the next step in the process.

Test before
you commit

Mitigate revenue loss risks by testing new features and designs on a small sample before a full-fledged rollout to the entire user base.

Culture of

It is a fact that companies achieve better outcomes when they rely on data and experimentation to make product decisions. Don't be left behind.

business knowledge

OOTB CRO tools lack business knowledge and an understanding of the - both vital aspects of creating a sustainable impact.

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Our Process

Health Check
Research &

Analytics Health Check & Implementation

90% of the digital businesses have broken Google Analytics implementation or a setup that is not ideal for improving user experience through CRO.
We audit and fix the issues by setting up GA as per business requirements and industry best practices. We leverage our extensive experience in e-commerce and analytics to recommend high-value, low-impact data capture plans, and implement them.
  • Audit the website or app across a 100 point checklist
  • Setup events & funnels to identify drop-off points
  • Fix attribution and other data quality issues
  • Setup analytics reporting plan

Research & Recommendations

We apply a mix of quantitative and qualitative techniques to understand customer pain points and generate insights to solve them.
Funnel Analysis

We analyze the drop-offs in a customer journey across various slices of data, including but not limited to product discovery, product page, cart, and checkout process. The analysis leads to the identification of key problem areas to address.

Session Recording, Heatmaps & Scroll tracking

We analyze drop-off points by evaluating user behavior after a careful inspection of various user journeys captured in tools like Hotjar. We leverage video recordings, heatmaps, and user scroll behavior extensively for this purpose. This analysis helps us assess reasons for potential drop-offs and empowers us to optimize the experience for the users.

Customer Surveys

We set up and run surveys to understand why customers buy products or services from you. We set up exit surveys on key drop-off points across various pages of the website to understand why visitors drop off while ensuring the user experience doesn't suffer.

User testing

We perform extensive user testing to understand which designs may work for a given experiment. We carefully select users based on their prior history and tenure with the brand and their willingness to provide input.


Prioritization & Experimentation


We prioritize experiments that have a high likelihood to give faster results. Positive results help establish a level of trust, which in turn enables further experimentation and collaboration. In other words, we create a roadmap for experimentation and measurement and prioritize low effort, high impact experiments over the others to kick start the process.

Experiment Design

We work closely with your in house design team or design agency and give them insights into the user journey, user drop-off points, conversion performance, and others. This step helps us ensure brand consistency across the various assets on the site. We then take the new designs provided by the team and run our experiments.

A/B Testing

We set up A/B tests to compare the performance of the newly designed screens against the current screens. We leverage popular tools like Google Optimize, VWO and Optimizely to validate the performance of the designs on a small sample of users and roll out successful experiments to all users.

How does cro results

Benefit to Different Teams?

  • Marketers
  • Product Team
  • Merchandizers


  • Higher Return on Ad Spend
  • Lower Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Increased base of re-marketable users

Product Team

  • Improved User Experience
  • Increase in Conversion Rate
  • Increase in Revenue per Session


  • Identify Profitable Paths
  • Insights into Product affinity
  • Improved understanding of user needs

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