Slowed down by issues in your Analytics systems?

A healthy GA data unlocks new revenue opportunities and limits revenue losses. But getting it right, requires a plan and a qualified team to execute on it.

Why Us?

We’ve audited and improved the foundations for hundreds of eCommerce websites.

We believe that accurate digital data is the foundation of any digital business. Our data capture philosophy is driven by our end goal - “What can be done to improve revenues from an eCommerce site?” This question breaks down into two broad categories.

How can I arrest revenue loss on the eCommerce site?

How can I improve conversion rates and revenue on the eCommerce site without additional marketing spend?

Armed with this agenda, we look at every aspect of the digital data that has a potential impact on the questions above. Since optimization as an exercise cannot be done in isolation, we take a comprehensive look at the systems in play and the data they generate./p>

Our complete digital foundation audit and corrective implementation includes
  • Advanced Google
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Data Layer Events
  • Marketing Tags
  • User behavior and event tracking
    for the entire site
  • Alerts & Monitoring rules

Do these issues sound familiar?

  • Your Google Analytics revenue doesn’t match your eCommerce revenue?
  • You have partners that bring in revenue, but you can’t accurately pay them?
  • You have subscription revenue but can’t attribute the subscription to marketing campaign?
  • Your attribution appears broken and therefore, untrustworthy?
  • Can’t create micro funnels to see how different cohorts are behaving?
  • You have landing pages that are not tracked?
  • One of the steps in the eCommerce funnel has no data.

As prevalent as analytics is, most tagging on eCommerce sites is unfortunately ctrl +C and ctrl + V - i.e. devoid of business logic.

However, for such a critical data set, merely replicating the same setups for different brands is not going to solve the purpose.

  • Each brand is unique,
  • Their website is unique,
  • Their goals are unique, and
  • Their customer base is unique.

A one-size fits all approach to foundation building neither works for your home nor does it work for your eCommerce site.

Take control of your analytics data today to better understand your users and leverage that to grow.

Stop losing money to issues that can be found and resolved easily.

Our Process

Step 1

Personalized Audit
  • We have a generic audit that is free. For sites that are making less than $1M in revenue, it is a good start. However, if you are a growing brand, a generic audit won’t cut it, and we wouldn’t recommend it either. Our team of business analysis and Google Analytics implementation engineers will work closely with you to understand your business and what is critical to your business.
  • We audit your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager across all touchpoints, including setups, data quality, user behaviour, marketing tags, errors, and much more.

Step 2

Google Analytics &
Google Tag Manager
  • It is quite common to see both the GA and GTM tags on the same site. It is a simple indicator that the data foundations are not solid. Google Tag Manager can and should be used to instrument your entire digital tracking in GA.
  • Using GTM to manage all your site and marketing tracking requirements is a recommended and scalable approach to ensuring your tracking is on point at all times.

Step 3

  • We conclude the audit and produce an audit report that highlights the good, the bad, and the ugly of your current implementation, walk you through the problems caused by these gaps and share our recommendations to be implemented.
  • Our analysts and GTM engineers will help you implement the recommendations and get you on a strong data foundation.


We’ve audited and improved the foundations for 100s of eCommerce websites