Integrate TMall data with a cloud data warehouse

Integrate TMall data with a cloud data warehouse

TMall is one of China’s leading e-commerce websites, which was formerly known as Taobao Mall. It is a business to consumer (B2C) e-retail store, which spun off from Taobao company managed in China by Alibaba group. This platform helps local Chinese and international sellers to sell branded goods to customers in Greater China. In recent times, TMall has ventured not only into online sales but also in developing brand awareness. Alibaba, in 2014, launched a cross-border marketplace Tmall Global for all the foreign brands to sell their products directly to Chinese consumers. TMall prefers payments by Alipay, a payment platform by the Alibaba group. Currently, more than 50000 merchants are associated with TMall.

Our TMall connector will enable you to transfer the website’s data into the data warehouse as per your choice using a fully manageable cloud pipeline: Daton. It will be a boon for the sellers like you, who can quickly analyze their sales and customer data through Daton. You can take suitable business decisions as your entire data will be in a centralized place. The customizable, detailed dashboards will permit you to measure, analyze, and compare complex data effortlessly. You will not have to deal with API calls and scheduling issues anymore; Daton always guarantees that your data is ready for use whenever and wherever needed.

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Click the link below for a detailed documentation on how to get started with replicating your TMall Central data.

TMall Central documentation


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