Integrate Calendly data with a cloud data warehouse

Calendly is a simple automated scheduling tool. It supports a wide range of apps such as Google, Office 365, Outlook calendars, Salesforce, Stripe, GoToMeeting and Zapier. Calendly coordinates appointments and meetings among brands, clients, and various team members. The platform is designed to help users select their available preferences and send a customized invitation link to arrange an appointment. All the invitees are provided with options of choosing the preferred time slot. It is quite popular among Customer Experience and User Experience teams to coordinate user testing and interviews with employees.

Our Calendly connector will allow you to get the data into a data warehouse of your choice using a fully-managed cloud service. With all your data in one centralised place and detailed, customisable dashboards enable you to easily compare, measure, and analyse complex data so that you can make informed business decisions. Leave the data heavy lifting to Daton and get back valuable time to focus on analysis. There will be no more API calls and scheduling issues; Daton will ensure your data is ready when and where you need it.

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Click the link below for a detailed documentation on how to get started with replicating your Calendly data.

Calendly documentation

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