Integrate Bold Commerce data with a cloud data warehouse

Integrate Bold Commerce data with a cloud data warehouse

Bold Commerce is a North American tech company that provides solutions to 90000 + brands in around 170 countries globally. It helps brands to build and customize powerful commerce experiences across various channels. It focuses on Checkout solutions. This product provides flexible headless APIs to create a transaction experience anywhere. It offers pre-built templates and customization features to work on the website’s look, flow and functionality that you wish to maintain during the checkout process. Bold adds security by displaying custom URLs during the checkout process and checkout solutions for Bigcommerce and Woocommerce, among others. Bold provides solutions for subscription and pricing rules as well.

Our bold commerce connector will enable you to transfer the website’s data into the data warehouse as per your choice using a fully manageable cloud pipeline: Daton. This will be a boon for the sellers like you, who can easily analyze their check out and subscription data through Daton. You can take the right business decisions as your complete data will be in a centralized place. The customizable, detailed dashboards will permit you to measure, analyze, and compare complex data effortlessly. You will not have to deal with API calls and scheduling issues anymore; Daton always guarantees that your data is ready for use whenever and wherever needed.

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Click the link below for a detailed documentation on how to get started with replicating your Bold Commerce data.

Bold Commerce documentation


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