Integrate Amazon DSP data with a cloud data warehouse

Integrate Amazon DSP data with a cloud data warehouse

Amazon DSP works as a demand-side platform that supports a broad variety of advertising goals. Sellers who have already sold their product through their e-commerce website can remarket on Amazon. Sellers and advertisers can reach out to new customers off-site with a video that presents the brand and top products. Amazon DSP supports advertisers who sell their merchandise on Amazon and those who don’t. DSP provides options like self-service and managed service for advertisers/sellers. Amazon offers total control to those using the self-service option, and also provides a managed-service alternative for advertisers/sellers who want to access Amazon DSP with consultative service.

Our Amazon DSP connector will enable you to transfer the data into the data warehouse as per your preference using a fully manageable cloud pipeline: Daton. You can make accurate business decisions as your complete data will be in a centralized place. The customizable, detailed dashboards will permit you to measure, analyze, and compare complex data effortlessly. You will not have to deal with API calls and scheduling issues anymore; Daton always guarantees that your data is ready for use whenever and wherever needed.

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Click the link below for a detailed documentation on how to get started with replicating your Amazon DSP Central data.

Amazon DSP Central documentation


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