Integrate Amazon Attribution data with a cloud data warehouse

Integrate Amazon Attribution data with a cloud data warehouse

Amazon Attribution helps marketers track their non-Amazon channels and create a full-funnel, sales-driven marketing strategy. With the use of tags, performance can be measured across search ads, social ads, display ads, video ads and email marketing. Combining the non-Amazon touch points with insights from Amazon Advertising, a holistic digital strategy can be planned, executed, and optimized to drive brand value.

Our Amazon Attribution connector enables you to effortlessly consolidate the data to the data warehouse of your choice with the help of cloud data pipeline: Daton. The customizable, detailed dashboards will allow you to effortlessly measure, analyze, and compare complex data. You will not have to deal with API calls and scheduling issues anymore; Daton always ensures that your data is ready for use whenever and wherever needed.

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Click the link below for a detailed documentation on how to get started with replicating your osCommerce data.

osCommerce documentation


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