Is Google Bot blocking your ads?

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Posted On: 26 Nov, 2019
Last Updated On: 20 Apr, 2020

It is a common occurrence for marketing agencies to run into situations where Google Bot mistakenly decides to block the ads you are placing on behalf of your clients. When this happens, it is usually a big issue for the agency, and the issue magnifies if the agency is running several ads for different customers. The main problem posed is that a substantial amount of ads which are getting blocked are never served hence accounts for a largely untapped revenue.

Assume that you have 60 clients for whom you are managing digital ads, and ads for a couple of them get blocked by Google. How will you detect this issue today?

The only way is logging in to every account and do a manual check up for ads that have been blocked and then go into the process of resolution so that ads can be resumed.

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t offer a system where agency leads, and marketers get a snapshot of policy at a global level. The problem compounds when you are a global agency with multiple offices with different technology and analyst teams supporting their local marketing groups. 

Fortunately, there is an elegant and highly effective solution to solve this problem. Enter, Daton

Daton is a fully managed data pipeline that allows you to connect your Google Ads account to a cloud data warehouse. You set up the pipeline, and all the policy data for all clients is replicated to the data warehouse every hour or every 30 mins. Analysts or developers can quickly set up a one-time data transformation on this replicated data and present a simplified global view of the policy data to all concerned. They can use a platform like PowerBI, Looker, or Tableau to build these policy dashboards and also set up relevant alerts and notification emails to send the policy status out to stakeholders regularly. 

This might already seem like a win, but true business value delivery starts when the basic issues are taken care of. By automation policy issue detection, all the developers and analysts can be freed up to look into Google Ads data to find nuggets of insights that can help increase the outcome from your marketing efforts.

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