If you are looking for an easy way to move your data to BigQuery, MySQL, Snowflake, Redshift etc., look no further. Get started in minutes (no credit card required) with Daton’s data connector and let us handle the API, Table mapping, data replication and integration process. Connector Documentation 

Daton can bring the following tables of information-

Tables/APIs Supported


In addition to, Daton can extract data from various sources such as sales and marketing applications, databases, analytics platforms, payment platforms, and much more. Daton will ensure that you have a way to bring any data to the desired destination and generate relevant insights.

Check our sources page for all the eCommerce data connectors that we support. If you have a custom requirement, you can request a connector, and we will build that connector for free.

Move Data to your Warehouse

Here, we will focus on integrating data into a data warehouse of choice:

Steps for ELT/ETL 

In just minutes, you can seamlessly integrate with Daton and focus on analysis rather than worry about the data replication process.

Contact Our Product Team is a membership warehouse club that offers nonperishable food and household supplies. It is present in over a dozen countries and has almost 1000 stores on almost every continent. Through its site, Costco aims to provide its members with safe, affordable products at ease. Online retailers are reducing the time & effort of integrating these massive amounts of data from different data sources to data warehouses using ELT tools like Daton.

Online retailers aim to stay ahead of increasing competition and make data-driven business decisions. They use multiple apps for handling various processes and verticals like customer support platforms, websites, inventory management, ads, payment gateways, CRMs etc. With Daton powered solutions, ecommerce brands and agencies can own their data and reporting by having the flexibility of a custom stack of warehouse and visualization tool (Power BI, Tableau, Looker, Data Studio etc). The customizable, detailed dashboards will permit you to measure, analyze, and compare complex data effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can connect to Bigquery in by contacting us and process up to 5 million rows for free. No credit card required!

If you are looking to connect to Snowflake, Redshift, MySQL or any other data warehouse, we got you covered.

Our robust data connectors, transparent pricing, and comprehensive coverage of eCommerce ecosystem will accelerate your data and analytics journey. Contact us or start your free trial to know more.

We support more than 120 sources across the eCommerce and Retail ecosystem. Few of our popular sources are:
    1. Amazon Ads Connectors
    2. Facebook Ads ETL
    3. Exotel ETL
    4. Exchange Rates ETL
    5. Etsy ETL
You can find all our eCommerce data connectors listed here.
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