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Why is Analytics Intelligence Important for Your Business
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Why is Analytics Intelligence Important for Your Business

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Analytics intelligence builds solutions that can help you harness and form the value of our data to find insight. We can obtain answers to a variety of questions about our data in simple language. It answers our questions quickly and in an effortless manner. We can easily steer through various reports without being data experts. Intelligence also offers auto-generated insights that can impact our company. Operating software like Apptus uses analytics intelligence, and machine learning to enhance its application and boost its sales channels.

Why should one apply analytics intelligence in their business

Technology is ever-evolving. We can see that around us. For example, our big television sets slimmed down over the last few decades. Every year we see new car models around us. The early baby boomers never imagined that they would watch movies and play music on their phones one day. Analytics intelligence helps companies to reinvent and restructure their business models and allows them to upgrade their products. Lack of analytics intelligence will not let us stay in the market for the long run.

Examples of Analytics Intelligence

Google Analytics is one of the most crucial examples of analytics intelligence. It uses algorithms to understand customer behavior and how a company’s sales are performing. It provides charts and patterns to display the trends to boost their sales and overall performance.

Piwik Pro Analytics Suite is a great alternative to Google Analytics. It can analyze customers arriving from various platforms like desktop, and mobile apps. It provides services with great security measures. A company’s data is safe within this suite.

Use Of Intelligence In Analytics

Analytics intelligence speeds up an organization’s operations. It helps to retrieve a vast amount of customers’ data for gaining insights. The important use cases can be listed as:

  • Credit Card Companies – Customers use credit and debit cards regularly. These cards are ideal for collecting information about a buyer’s spending habits, monetary situation, behavior trends, demographics, and lifestyle preferences.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Brilliant customer relations are crucial for any enterprise that wants to retain customer loyalty to stay in the market for a long time. CRM systems analyze vital performance indicators such as demographics, socio-economic information, buying patterns, and lifestyle.
  • Finance – The financial world is an unpredictable zone, and business analytics assist in extracting insights that guides companies plan their way through risky terrain. Enterprises turn to business analysts to boost budgeting, banking, financial planning, forecasting, and portfolio management.
  • Marketing – Which marketing campaigns are the most effective? How much social media drilling should a company attempt? What type of things do viewers like/dislike in advertisements? Business analysts answer these queries by estimating marketing and advertising metrics, identifying customer behavior and the target audience, and analyzing market trends.
  • Medical – Artificial Intelligence in medical sciences is essential, and the progression in this field is happening enormously. In 2018, researchers at Seoul National University Hospital and College of Medicine built an AI algorithm called DLAD (Deep Learning-based Automatic Detection) to analyze chest radiographs and detect abnormal cell growth, such as potential cancers. Such AI machines can save many lives. AI has an immense scope in the medical department with its plentiful applications.


Analytics intelligence plays a significant role in reinventing and restructuring a company’s operations. It helps to understand customers’ behavior and, based on the data, encourages companies to upgrade their products to stay relevant in the market. If companies don’t invest in analytics intelligence, then perhaps other competitors who are using it will quickly take over. Google Analytics and Piwik Pro Analytics Suite is the most popular application that retrieves data from various sources and classifies it according to business needs. It helps to gain insights. It uses solid logistics and algorithms to deal with data. We use analytics intelligence in credit and debit card companies, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), finance and marketing, and medical. Analytics intelligence can help start-ups quickly become a market leader.

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