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The-Prominence-of-Sales-Intelligence-in-Business-Growth | Saras Analytics
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The Prominence of Sales Intelligence in Business Growth 

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Sales intelligence is currently trending in the field of sales and marketing at this moment. It is a concept used in several sales management software that caters to companies’ customized needs and produces satisfying results. Sales managers must set their goals accordingly to use sales intelligence software as different tools focus on specific sales needs. In a nutshell, sales intelligence discovers and collects raw data for companies, analyzes them, and evaluates the data as per the needs. In this article, we will observe various tools and real-life use cases of sales intelligence.

Why does a business need sales intelligence?  

The simple reply to this question is that sales intelligence can enhance our sales and marketing performance by multi-folds. It helps companies to understand customer needs in real-time. Secondly, sales intelligence tools can perform the integration process with CRM software smoothly to optimize a company’s in-house operations. It can analyze the sales data to understand the potential customers. Most importantly, this software offers essential features like data maintenance, data enrichment, and lead qualification to companies as per their needs. These are some of the crucial factors as to why businesses need sales intelligence.

Top Sales Intelligence Tools 

The top three sales intelligence tools that can boost the performance of a company are:

HG Insights

HG Insights uses features like CRM integration so we can easily view contacts and company data in the CRM software. This tool can clean and enrich existing data sustained in other systems. Therefore, it can easily filter out or segment irrelevant data using the segmentation feature. Also, HG insight provides search tools that permit users to find the data instantly. Above all, it allows us to generate reports that can meet our business needs. It uses APIs and enables integration with external systems. In conclusion, the software has pre-built custom report formats and dashboards. HG insights focus on b2b technology.


Vainu is another sales intelligence tool that extracts raw data from massive private and public databases and consolidates it to provide reliable, in-depth, and relevant information. Secondly, Vainu automates the company’s operations and reduces the manual labor of sales and marketing teams. Above all, this software assists team members to use strategic marketing plans for better results by providing the relevant data in the right place. Additionally, it increases the chance of churning higher revenues with workflow triggers, data alteration, and in-depth news on companies. We can request a demo (not free). A custom price quote option is available using a website live chat session. Also, the software is available on an annual subscription basis. The standard pricing of the software is € 6,600 per year + a one-time onboarding fee:€ 600. Pricing may vary for the premium onboarding and professional services.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the tool, however, users often confuse it with LinkedIn Business. We need to understand that they both are different in their approach. LinkedIn Business upgrades the LinkedIn experience services for an individual user, whereas LinkedIn Sales-Navigator caters to the business needs of companies and teams. LinkedIn Navigator has team and professional versions available. Some crucial features of this tool include a robust and in-depth search capability, enhanced clarity into expanded networks, and most importantly, it provides customizable algorithms to make vital business decisions. Also, the pricing for Sales Navigator Professional is $79.99/month/seat or $799.88/annual /per user. Sales navigator team pricing ranges from $129.99/month/seat or $1199.88/annual/per user. Additionally, free trials are available for professional and team versions and we need to contact LinkedIn to request a demo for the enterprise version.

Real-life use cases of sales intelligence

Two prominent real-life use cases of sales intelligence are:

  • Telavox is a nordic company and is SaaS-based. It offers a communication platform to nordic companies. In 2018, Telavox optimized customer segmentation and simplified the prospecting process with Vainu. As the company grew, it wanted to shift to Hubspot. Vainu CRM software helped to achieve this integration process successfully. It helped Telavox automate sales alerts, establish workflows, enhance their communication platforms, get real-time data and customize sales and marketing efforts. In 2020, Vainu helped Telavox to increase by 24 percent sales.
  • Philips is a renowned name that manufactures everything from bulbs to kitchen appliances. The company has several business units across the globe. The company wanted to bring the operations under one roof, understand the customers’ needs in real-time, and quickly process and spread the information across all the branches in no time. It has been made possible with sales intelligence. Salesforce is the sales intelligence tool that helped them to enhance the company’s overall performance and optimize its operations. Salesforce helped the company develop tools and processes to understand the demands of customers in specific markets.


Sales intelligence significantly improves the sales and marketing performance and in-house operations of a company. Many tools provide hassle-free integration with CRM software, data maintenance, data enrichment, and lead qualification. Businesses must set their goals before choosing their sales intelligence software as different sales tools cater to specific needs.

Use Insights from Sales Intelligence for Rapid Business Growth.

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