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How to Use Zoho CRM to Increase Revenue

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Before learning how to use Zoho CRM for Sales, let us look into its unique features.

Zoho CRM is one of the most popular CRM applications across the globe. This web-based platform has garnered several awards and is used by millions of users worldwide. This solution with a simple interface is best known for its quality lead management system, robust sales pipeline, and contact management. Zoho CRM offers increased productivity and efficiency by automating everyday tasks and effectively converting site visitors to potential leads and prospective customers. The platform also allows skillful management of customer accounts and enables precise revenue forecasting.

Zoho CRM facilitates the overall sales process from lead generation and nurturing to end sales. Using Zoho CRM, you will be able to easily capture leads through your websites, mobile applications, blogs, and social media pages by embedding web forms created using Zoho CRM itself, without the need of writing any codes. You can easily reach out to these potential leads by sending out emails or doing some outbound calls to make them aware of your product or services, all using specialized tools inside Zoho. Zoho CRM brings in a lot of automation as well when it comes to emails, SMS, calls, creating events, gathering referrals, and many more.

Zoho platform captures important information such as detailed information on

Let us look at other notable features of Zoho CRM that sets it apart from the competition:

  • Customer Personalization – Each customer has different preferences and buying habits. So, they want to be treated like an individual which will be easier if you use Zoho.
  • Identify Top customers – Allocate your resources in a better way to make sure that your top customers are getting the attention they deserve, which will lead to higher customer retention.
  • Discover Upselling opportunities – Tickets, products, and returns will speak volumes about the customer buying trends. Hence, using Zoho you will be able to strategize your upselling campaigns effectively.
  • Reduce exit rate – Zoho will tell you about the purchasing details and leads getting bounced. Analyze the data and set up campaigns to bring them back to reduce the rate at which they are leaving your page.
  • Set up Better marketing Campaigns – When you know your customers, and their choices, you know who to target and how. Leads can also be nurtured in a better way for more conversions.

One of the Most Cost-Effective CRM Solutions in the Market

Zoho CRM has four pricing plans starting from the starter plan at ₹500, the standard plan at ₹720, the professional plan at ₹1200 to the most popular enterprise plan at ₹2100 per month. Zoho CRM Plus comprises of 10 powerful services for your customer-facing teams on one single interface and costs ₹2500 per month.

How to Use Zoho CRM Employing Daton

An eCommerce company selling in multiple countries is using Zoho CRM to manage and nurture their leads to optimize their conversions. They run ad campaigns on various channels like Google, Facebook, and Email. They have sold on platforms like Shopify, Amazon, and eBay. They use separate apps to manage and optimize multiple verticals like payment gateways, inventories, logistic channels, and target audiences in each country. Decision-makers want to have an understanding of the areas of improvement and then take steps to optimize processes further. They come across the following challenges :

  • Get a complete picture of the business by analyzing all the data from the various apps and tools that they use. So all of the inventory data, customer feedback, customer behavior data, and payment gateway data need to be appropriately analyzed to develop a consolidated picture of the entire business.
  • Separate data silos mean downloading different sheets from all these multiple sources from which detailed reports are created. To make matters worse, most of the sources have separate data silos for each country. The compilation and processing of data from multiple sources for thorough research is a considerable challenge if carried out manually, and the analysis is not very accurate.
  • While calculating profits/losses of the overall business, it becomes a nearly impossible task to pull all of these data from multiple platforms for each country separately, and then analyze all of this data together with the expense data and calculate profits. It involves a lot of working hours which drains money. The time lag involved reduces the accuracy of the analysis and its effectiveness as the data is not analyzed in real-time.
  • Zoho CRM contains data of leads, which need nurturing to get conversions. The lead nurturing is being done through email and remarketing or over the telephone. The CRM is not natively compatible with all apps and tools, so it is not possible to automate these processes based on the lead stage, leading to low conversion rates.
  • Again since the users are responding to different ad campaigns on various channels which are not compatible with the CRM. That data is not being reflected in the CRM to accurately allocate lead scores to the leads so that you can set priorities when it comes to lead engagement.
  • Since businesses use separate platforms & tools for selling, payments, and logistics, it becomes impossible to track the user’s path through the conversion funnel. As a result, essential insights which can help determine when and where the user is bouncing off.

For these reasons, top companies consolidate all of their data from Zoho CRM and other apps and tools into a data warehouse This process would take a lot of time and manpower to execute manually, and the analysis would not be very accurate. Daton is a highly automated data pipeline that easily integrates with various sources that a company may be using. It can automatically fetch data into a data warehouse without the need for any coding, enabling the creation of reports in a quick time that can be easily analyzed to optimize the business processes. Click Here to set up Daton now.

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