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Google Adwords and Google Analytics Hand in Hand
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Google Adwords and Google Analytics Hand in Hand

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Google Adwords & Google Analytics both are very powerful tools for Digital marketing from Google. Let us see how to use these 2 tools effectively for the best outcomes from your campaigns.

An online marketer’s need is to choose the right tools, ensure reliable data, and extract insights from the available data. Both Google AdWords and Google Analytics are very strong contenders for the most powerful online marketing tools.

Overall can be called a Google Marketing Platform. They can enhance the overall campaign performance if utilized to their full potential by making them work hand in hand.

Google AdWords – It is Google’s advertising system that allows all kinds of businesses to generate text and display Ads.

The Text Ads show up next to google search results based on keywords search matches.

Also, The Display Ads – can show texts as well as images, animations, or videos.

This content shows up on many websites. These websites are part of Google’s Display Network.

So these advertisements are very effective with people using Google search and linked Google Display Network. The lead generation is prominently high.

Why Google Adwords

  1. Increases the reach and brand awareness
  2. Works pretty faster than just SEO
  3. Google’s marketing and display network can help users reach out even after they have left the website.
  4. Targeting, and ad scheduling is feasible.
  5. It also offers – Demographic categorization and Remarketing functions.

Google Analytics – It is Google’s web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic.

Performance evaluation becomes much better using GoogleAnalytics.

Why Google Analytics

  1. Realtime analytics is like a cherry on top of the cake with analytics.
  2. Data visualization of Google Analytics is very insightful.
  3. Ease of tracking and understanding user behavior.
  4. It supports and helps improve existing SEO.
  5. Helps business decisions to be more informed, including brand awareness.
  6. Analysis of sources, historical data, in-depth insights on the data, etc.

Advantages of using Google AdWords and Google Analytics

  1. Analytics displays all relatable metrics that can aid in critical decision-making around the peak season time frame.
  2. Linking both gives metrics such as bounce rate, pages per visit, and average visit duration. These KPIs are very useful information and facts that can help boost the campaign.
  3. One of the insights can contribute to the successful launch of a remarketing campaign with a better success rate and greater ROIs.
  4. Complete insights into user/customer behavior
  5. Overall added targeting and better cost control can be achieved.

Sharing Campaign Data between Google Adwords & Google Analytics is Very Simple

Admins are privileged for this activity.
General-purpose – using the same email for both AdWords and analytics.
An admin can link AdWords accounts to a Google Analytics account using admin and properties.
Another easy and simple way is to enable auto-tagging.
Once enabled, Google Analytics starts showing Campaign reporting under acquisitions.
All three options are available – Desktop, Mobile, and Tables for the same so that the performance can be gauged across device categories.
Google Analytics gives a complete view of acquisitions, behavior, and conversions, making the life of a marketing executive a lot easier.
Overall, Google’s marketing platform delivers what an online eCommerce marketing executive would look for in a most suitable tool:

  1. Cost-effectiveness
  2. User friendly.
  3. Many standardized insights, reports, and data visualizations are readily available to jump-start marketing campaigns.
  4. Very easy to track website traffic.
  5. Easy and informed remarketing.

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