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List Of Tables

Vendor Central Reports

1. Purchase Order

1.1 Open PO Report

1.2 Order History

1.3 New Confirmed PO

2. Sales Report

2.1 Sales Diagnostics

2.2 Sales Performance Trends

2.3 Geographic Sales Insights

2.4 Net PPM

2.5 Pre-Orders

2.6 Traffic Diagnostic

2.7 Real Time Sales

3. Operations

3.1 Forecast and Inventory Planning

3.2 Inventory Health

4. Consumer Behavior

4.1 Amazon Search Terms

4.2 Repeat Purchase Behavior

4.3 Market Basket Analysis

4.4 Item Comparision and Alternative Purchase Behavior

4.5 Demographics

For Vendor Central, We Have Created Fully Interactive Sample Custom Analytics Dashboards That Can Be Hosted As A Proprietary Tool

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Starting At

$3/Weekly Report/Month

$7/Daily Report/Month

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How It Works

Key Features

Data Accuracy Guaranteed

Saras takes accountability to data accuracy, and any issues will be resolved as per SLA's agreed upon.

Flexibility Of Scheduling

Reports can be scheduled on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as per client's needs

Data Ownership

The client will own all the data in their datawarehouse

Dashboarding Flexibility

Saras can help with setting up dashboards on top of Vendor Central data as per client's needs

Best Pricing

Unmatched pricing in the industry

Free Migration To SP-API

Vendor Central APIs will soon be available in SP-API and Saras will make them available in Daton once they are available

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How is the data extracted?
A. We use Robotic Process Automation to extract the reports from Vendor Central.
Q. How do you manage data changing in Amazon?
A. We use a lookback period of 3 days. For example, for a daily report dated 15th March 22, we will extract it on 16th March 17th March, and 18th March to account for any changes in numbers.
Q. How much historic data can be extracted?
A. Historic data of 3 years can be extracted.
Q. What frequency of reports are available?
A. Reports can be made available at a frequency of daily, weekly, and monthly as per customer preference.
Q. Can new reports which are not mentioned in this section be extracted?
A. Yes - The Reports mentioned on the page are the commonly asked reports. Additional reports from vendor central can be extracted on demand at the same pricing.
Q. Is there a provision to change the lookback window of 3 days for daily reports?
A. Yes - the lookback window can be changed on a case-by-case basis.