Data silos to data warehouse in minutes.

Cloud based, self-service data integration to help you become analytics ready.


How to use Daton?

Its a simple four step process.


Daton Features

A cloud first, developer, and business friendly managed data pipeline that helps transform your silo'ed data in to a data warehouse in minutes. Focus on analytics and not the infrastructure.



Our ETL pipeline built on latest cloud and serverless technologies keeps your data fresh, costs low, and scales with your business.



Harvesting and aggregating data from various sources into a data warehouse that is under your control.



If you are using one of the applications we don't yet support, send us a note and we will build it out for you in a few days.


Capabilities that Daton unlocks

An enterprise data warehouse is considered one of the most important components in any business intelligence and analytics stack and is a key requirement for any business that aspires to become data-driven.

Consolidated Reporting and Dashboards

Point your BI tools to the warehouse that Daton builds and make these reports accessible to key decision makers.

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Focus on innovation not infrastructure

Get visibility into your enterprise data easily and unleash your analysts to find insights that can propel businesses forward.

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Machine Learning Solutions

Optimize business peformance and drive higher efficiencies across the business by leveraging machine learning and analytics.

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Force behind building daton

Our goal is to make advanced analytics accessible and affordable to SMBs. One way to reduce the costs for analytics is to make it quick to access necessary data thus reducing the time it takes to generate insights. Daton is that super power that will help us do just that.

Having a Data Warehouse is the first step towards building a data driven organization. However, it is difficult for most SMB's to build and operate a data warehouse due to resource and skill constraints. Emerging cloud technologies have ushered in a new era of possibilities by cutting down the time and effort needed to setting up a warehouse and Daton exploits these technologies and enables our clients to build their own data warehouse easily and quickly.

Daton is the foundation for our reporting and analytics solutions. By using Daton, you are not only building a data warehouse for yourself but also leaving open the possibility of benefitting from our machine learning solutions that are built on top of our data warehouse.