Intercom connector on Daton

Integrate Intercom with Daton to periodically extract leads and conversations data and store it in a centralized warehouse. The integration will enable sellers to get a better sense of product/feature performance with respect to the number of consumer enquiries or complaints. Integrating consumer data from web analytics, sales, and helpdesk platforms on the data warehouse will open up various data points and insights for businesses.

Use Cases

Daton connector for Intercom will enable businesses with

  • Various conversion metrics can be derived when leads data from Intercom is combined with customers and orders data from eCommerce platforms( such as Magento or Shopify )
  • Collate, classify and analyze conversation data to get deeper insights into product inquiries, product complaints, customization requests, etc. These metrics can further be used to drive product and overall business improvements.
  • Segment leads as per conversations with them for deeper understanding of user behavior.

About Daton

Daton is a secured, highly available, cloud based ETL platform. Daton empowers businesses with data aggregated to a cloud data warehouse or data lake and make them analytics ready within hours. Our pre-built connectors to various eCommerce, sales, advertising, marketing, help desks/support, CRMs platforms reduces time and effort spent significantly in collating data from these platforms.

Click the link below for a detailed documentation on how to get started with replicating your Intercom data.

Intercom documentation


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