Focus on selling,

not on reporting.

Halo empowers ecommerce and marketing executives to be laser focused on revenue generation and profitability by automating tedious reporting tasks and by delivering insights.

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Why use Halo?

Halo is an outcome of our deep experience in e-commerce growth consulting. It provides essential reports and insights across all facets of on e-commerce business including sales, customers, marketing, product, profitability, and customer service. It is designed to free up valuable resource time from time consuming reporting and enables stakeholders to focus on decision making.

Simple, yet extremely versatile

Our self-serve software is easy to use and is meant for all business users

E-commerce CRM

Get a consolidated view of your customers and leverage customer data to drive profitable campaigns.

Comprehensive KPIs for e-commerce

A comprehensive solution to address the reporting needs of all departments in an e-commerce business.

Platform for growth

Set yourself up for success by relying on a platform that scales with your business.

Built on a data warehouse

A consolidated data warehouse enables you to not only address reporting challenges but also to unlock the hidden value in your data.

Out of the box reporting and insights

No developers or analysts? No problem! Halo is designed from the ground up to cater to businesses of all sizes.

Lot more that Google Analytics

GA only gives you a window into a small portion of your business. Halo provides a fully integrated view of everything that is important to be tracked.


Every business is unique and Halo's design allows for easy and cost-effective customization to fit your needs.

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Connectors for a variety of data sources

Effortlessly replicate data from any database, application, file, storage bucket or endpoint without writing a single line of code.

Replicate data to a destination of your choice

Whether it is a relational database, a non-relational database, or a cloud storage bucket, Daton handles all of them with ease.