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How to use Daton?

It's a simple four-step process.

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Unleash Daton, and Unlock Opportunity

Data warehouses have been the cornerstone of enterprise reporting and analytics for decades. Daton empowers every business to own their data.

Realize the full strategic potential of your customer-centric vision

Effortlessly aggregate all customer touch points and build a customer 360 solution that fits your business requirements. Get a single view of the most current and complete information about products owned by customers and their interactions with the business. Connect your customer 360 profile with new data types to create actionable insights driven by machine learning and AI.


Data warehouse as the corner stone for decision support

A data warehouse is a decision support system. It stores historical data from across the organization, processes it, and makes it possible to use the data for critical business analysis, reports, and dashboards. Build your data warehouse and leverage it for many use cases, including, enterprise reporting, sales consolidation, Marketing performance analysis, and predictive analytics.


Bring agility to your analytics practice

Getting access to data needed for analysts often discourages analysts from running experiments as fast as they would've liked. As a result, experimentation is often slow and results slower. Cloud data warehouse and Daton have solved this challenge. Analysts can now operate in an agile environment testing and validating hypothesis at an unprecedented rate, work towards enabling the analytics teams to drive the next level of efficiency and growth for the business, and do more with less.


Accelerate your journey to machine learning

A consolidated data warehouse powered by Daton gives data analysts and data scientists access to the data they need to build and operationalize machine learning models to solve complex business problems. Using Daton's no-code interface, data scientists can effortlessly setup data pipes to stream data from various applications, databases, and endpoints into the data warehouse and start with the model development faster than ever.


Why use Daton?

Public clouds have made data warehousing accessible to every company that is willing to take the initiative. We have made it a walk in the park to move data to these data warehouses

No Code

Daton is designed for analysts and data engineers to skip tedious data engineering tasks and focus on delivering insights to businesses.

No Obfuscation

Complete transparency in to the data pipeline gives you visibility into each job and the work that was performed by each replication job.

No Maintenance

Leave the pipeline maintenance heavy lifting the Daton and relax knowing that your replication jobs are being taken care of.

No Data Loss

Daton guarantees data consistency. Daton auto-recovers from any errors and notifies you if your input is needed.

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Connectors for a variety of data sources

Effortlessly replicate data from any database, application, file, storage bucket or endpoint without writing a single line of code.

Replicate data to a destination of your choice

Whether it is a relational database, a non-relational database, or a cloud storage bucket, Daton handles all of them with ease.

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