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TMall is a Chinese eCommerce website that lets local and foreign brands sell their products on its platform. This platform is a business to consumer (B2C) e-retail store. Unlike Amazon, Tmall requires merchants to provide a dedicated team to communicate with customers on their behalf. Therefore, the consumer experience has to be personalized. This interaction brings in enormous data, as around 180 million buyers browse the TMall website. And when this data is stored in the BigQuery cloud data warehouse, sellers can manage and analyze their data. Daton is an entirely automated ETL tool that helps to ETL your TMall data into the BigQuery data warehouse in just a matter of minutes without the hassle of writing and maintaining scripts. This powerful tool doesn’t bother you for maintenance and monitoring also. Daton makes the most from the TMall connector by gaining deeper insights into your sales and customer data and much more. So let Daton take away your worries and start replicating your TMall into BigQuery.

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Click the link below for a detailed documentation on how to get started with replicating your TMall data.

TMall Central documentation

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