Use Daton’s RDS MySQL Snowflake Connector to Develop ETL Process

If you are using Amazon RDS MySQL for transactional operations, chances are you might be considering replicating your Amazon RDS MySQL data to a scalable data warehouse like Snowflake for analytical workloads. Daton’s visual point and click interface and built-in automation make data replication to Snowflake a breeze. ETL your data from Amazon RDS MySQL to Snowflake, ensuring that you have access to analysis-ready within minutes data without compromising on performance or data. Daton’s pre-built RDS MySQL Snowflake connector eliminates the time spent by engineers building data pipelines manually and quickly transforms your data into business-critical insights.

Find more information about the RDS MySQL integration

Click the link below for a detailed documentation on how to get started with replicating your RDS MySQL data.

RDS MySQL documentation

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Whether it is a relational database, a non-relational database, or a cloud storage bucket, Daton handles all of them with ease.

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