Use Daton’s PostgreSQL Snowflake connector to Develop ETL Process

PostgreSQL, an open-source RDBMS, handles data integrity and complex operations with ease. But when the volume and velocity of data increases, it requires huge effort and expertise to optimize PostgreSQL to run analytics queries within the desired time. To have an in-depth analysis of your PostgreSQL data along with data from various sources, moving your data to Snowflake is an accurate choice. All of this can be achieved on a simple point and click interface without writing any ETL scripts. Replicate your PostgreSQL data to Snowflake with Daton in near real-time with just a few clicks and absolutely no coding. Let our PostgreSQL Snowflake connector handle the heavy lifting while your engineering team focuses on generating value instead of worrying about the availability of data.

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Click the link below for a detailed documentation on how to get started with replicating your PostgreSQL data.

PostgreSQL data documentation

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