Use Daton’s PayPal Snowflake Connector to Develop ETL Process

Paypal is one of the world’s largest, well established, and widely accepted internet payment companies. If you are using Paypal, it holds a lot of data about your orders and payments which needs to be analyzed along with the other data sources. Consider replicating your Paypal data to Snowflake in an easier, faster, and cost-effective way with Daton. Leveraging a pre-built, fully managed cloud data pipeline like Daton simplifies and accelerates the time it takes to ETL your data from Paypal to Snowflake without the headache of writing and maintaining any code. Using Daton’s Paypal Snowflake connector, you will be able to track, manage, and extract all of your information regarding customers, orders, transactions, and other information for actionable insights.

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Click the link below for a detailed documentation on how to get started with replicating your Paypal data.

Paypal documentation


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