Use Daton’s Google Cloud Storage BigQuery Connector to Develop ETL Process

Organizations today store a lot of unstructured data and this might be any form or size. GCS (Google Cloud Storage) acts as a central storage repository for collecting and storing all elements of your organization’s operations in the form of data. As your organization grows, you are faced with the challenge of transforming the way your organization loads, processes, analyzes, and reports on corporate data. BigQuery, an analytical database allows you to take all the data from different business divisions and sources and consolidate it in a secure cloud warehouse to perform in-depth analysis. A fully managed, no-code data pipeline like Daton, helps you ETL your Google Cloud Storage data to BigQuery unlocking insights in near real-time and with predictive analytics. With Google Cloud Storage Bigquery connector, you can start focusing entirely on generating insights from your precious data without having your engineering team to write ETL scripts and hence improving the efficiency within your organization.

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Click the link below for a detailed documentation on how to get started with replicating your GCS data.

Google Cloud Storage documentation


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