Core Features of Daton

Comprehensive Features and complete peace of mind.

A cloud-first, developer, and business-friendly managed data pipeline that helps replicate your siloed data into a data warehouse in minutes. Focus on analytics and not the infrastructure.


Our ETL pipeline built on the latest cloud and serverless technologies keeps your data fresh, costs low, and scales with your business.


Harvesting and aggregating data from various sources into a data warehouse that is under your control.


If you are using one of the applications we don't yet support, send us a note and we will build it out for you in a few days.

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What makes Daton special?

Comprehensive features and complete peace of mind.

  • Enterprise-Grade Security

    Meet stringent security criteria and compliance with security features like SSH tunnels. Your data will be removed after every replication job and is encrypted throughout its journey.

  • Ease of Use

    Simple, easy to understand interface to set up your data integrations in minutes

  • Pipeline Monitoring

    Fully-transparent data pipeline with in-depth logging to ensure your peace of mind

  • User Management

    Add more users to Daton and easily allow enterprise users to configure data sources for replication

  • No more ETL development

    A no-code data replication solution to bring your data to your favourite data warehouse

  • Full and Incremental Updates

    Setup and forget. Daton takes care of full or historical loads as well as incremental loads on a schedule you determine

  • Real-time Alerts

    Our robust exception reporting will alert you as issues happen in the pipeline

  • Data Consistency Guarantee

    Our robust solution guarantees that your data is accurate, consistent, and available at all times


Connectors for a variety of data sources

Effortlessly replicate data from any database, application, file, storage bucket or endpoint without writing a single line of code.

Replicate data to a destination of your choice

Whether it is a relational database, a non-relational database, or a cloud storage bucket, Daton handles all of them with ease.

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