Enabling transition to digital for a leading offline QSR major

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Posted On: 11 Nov, 2020

Executive Summary


Food delivery aggregators have been on the canvas of the restaurant business for a while now. They started off proceedings as an able support to augment existing incomes for the new as well as established restaurant brands in the market. However, the past few years have seen their meteoric rise powered by their access to customer experience and vast amount of data that they have been able to generate by the virtue of that. This has led to a steady shift in dynamics as far as ‘take rate’ conversations are concerned between aggregators and restaurant partners across the world.

Problem Statement

The holding company of leading QSR brands in the middle east saw its order share steadily eroding to delivery aggregators operating in the geography. They did have their digital assets i.e.

the mobile app and the website in place but they were not optimized to attract, retain and enable customers to transact through them in a frictionless manner.

Their initial requirement was to identify opportunities of conversion rate improvement across assets. Saras eventually delivered an end-to-end digital transformation focused towards helping them regain lost market share and grow it on a month on month basis subsequently.

The Saras Approach

Deploying a cross functional approach at the intersection of Business, Analytics, Design and Engineering Saras drafted a pipeline of recommendations to be implemented across the customer purchase funnel.

These recommendations were then prioritized to identify quick wins within a period of few weeks while carefully planning the high effort recommendations across several months.

While some recommendations like revising product listing and introducing new deals yielded immediate results, feature recommendations were put through a more rigorous AB testing framework across platforms to monitor the real value of change being driven through these experiments.

A key part of the engagement was also to evangelize the results and outcome of these experiments across different stakeholders within the organization and generate traction for further improvements across platforms.

Impact delivered

The recommendations and changes carried out across the portfolio of digital assets have provided additional latitude to negotiate with delivery aggregators.On a more immediate and tactical front the recommendations resulted in a net revenue increase of 49% and increase in conversion rate by 75% across assets.


    Vedant Pansari

    Senior Business Analyst

    Vedant Pansari: Vedant is a Senior Business Analyst with the Consulting practice at Saras. He brings an acute understanding of Google Analytics, CRO and dashboarding through his exposure to food-tech and e-commerce.


    Balaji K


    Balaji K: Balaji leads the Consulting practice at Saras. He comes with 8+ years of experience across travel & e-commerce spanning from hands-on analytics implementation to more strategic avenues like forecasting, budgeting and annual planning.


    Prathyusha A:

    Program Manager

    Prathyusha A: Prathyusha is a Program Manager with the Consulting practice at Saras. She brings a host of experience across program management, agile sprint planning & scrum through her exposure in e-commerce and restaurant tech.

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