BI and ETL Specialist

Job Id: CONS-1345
4+ Years in BI and ETL development, preferably using a modern data stack


Primary Job Duties :

We are looking for a hands-on BI and ETL developer and architect who can drive end to end BI projects all the way from data consolidation, data modeling, reporting, and visualization development. 

Ideal candidate would have a 

-> good grasp and expertise in traditional data warehousing technologies 

-> expertise in more modern data stack and a new way of using ELT to build and operate cloud data warehouses.

-> exception client communication and client engagement skills

-> experience working with global clients

What we are not looking for:

-> Someone who only has expertise building reports/visualizations.


1. Business Intelligence and ETL Architect 70%

– Develop the scripts needed for data consolidations, design data models that are scalable and built end to end architectures that solve key business problems.

Formulates and recommends standards for achieving maximum performance and efficiency of the DW ecosystem.

– Participates in the planning for retirement of systems programs, and migration of systems infrastructure.

– Develop business cases and ROI for the department to get buy-in from senior management.

– Interview stakeholders and develop BI roadmap for success given project prioritization and budget.

– Evangelize self-service BI and visual discovery while helping to change Excel based culture.

– Work closely with DW manager to ensure prioritization of corporate and departmental objectives and projects.

– Champion data quality, integrity and reliability throughout the department by designing and promoting best practices.

2. Team Mentor 30%

– Provide assistance to DW team members with issues needing technical expertise or complex systems and/or programming knowledge. Provide on-the-job training for new or less experienced team members.

– Provide technical training to external team members to foster stronger cross-departmental relations.

Required Skill Set :

– 6+ years of experience delivering business intelligence solutions

– 6+ years of experience with OLTP and OLAP database models

– Comprehensive, end-to-end understanding of the full DW and BI stack

– Exceptional knowledge in SQL, Python, Airflow, and cloud data warehouses like BigQuery, RedShift, and Snowflake

– Good analytical and problem-solving skills

– Fluent in relational database concepts and flat file processing concepts

– Must be knowledgeable in software development lifecycles/methodologies i.e. agile

– Has strong presentation and collaboration skills and can communicate all aspects of the job requirements, including the creation of formal documentation

– Strong problem solving, time management and organizational skills

– Knowledge of E-commerce Industry

– Bachelor’s Degree in related field or equivalent experience

Preferred Skill Set :

– Database Technology : BigQuery, Snowflake, Oracle, MySQL

– ETL Technology : Airflow, dBT, SSIS, Talend, CRON scripting, Perl

– BI Technology : Power BI, Tableau, Looker

– Time series analysis, clustering, decision trees and neural networks

– Master’s Degree Computer Science or Statistics